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Filming Corporate Meetings For Internal Marketing And Branding

Posted by Andrea Keating on April 2, 2015

If you work in the corporate world, you’re no stranger to how important quarterly or annual meetings are for the company at large.

You’re also no stranger to how critical the information in those meetings is for employees, stockholders and consumers concerning your business’ products, earnings and initiatives. Which is exactly why they need to be filmed, no matter what your location is.

Not convinced that it’s necessary? Here’s a few of the finer benefits you’ll gain from bringing in a crew to shoot your meetings.

Archival Purposes

The most obvious benefit of shooting your meetings is that you’ll have a digital record of what went down, who said what, and what advancements your company has made in previous quarters.

This can aid for future research, serve as internal training material for employees, and help create a video legacy to inspire company loyalty in those who watch it.

Live Feeds

Nothing is more engaging than a live feed. Investing in a film crew to shoot your meetings gives you the opportunity to stream it online, opening up the knowledge to a wider, international audience, allowing them to get excited about hearing your news as it breaks.

It creates an aspect of accessibility that will prove your brand is thoughtful, innovative and in sync with clients’ online needs, especially the ones half way across the globe.

Grab Their Attention

A video will always command higher attention than a text memo, and will gain your internal announcements higher click-view rates than PDFs or text documents would.

When all is said and done, your memos, minutes and additional written records of the happenings in your meetings will be sent out to individuals who likely receive at least 100 emails a day; think of how much more memorable a video would be to them, and how much more likely they are to review it.

Lighten Up The Brand

Aside from being an accessible and engaging way to transmit your message to your employees, stock holders and consumers, recording your meetings gives you the opportunity to show a lighter side of the company all while maintaining professionalism. It’s great for the brands image.

It also gives employees preparing the meeting a chance to ‘make a movie’ and spend a day flexing their creative muscles during the shoot, which ultimately builds morale.

At the end of the day, the benefits are worth the investment; boosting the brand, morale and confidence in your employees, share holders and customers is priceless, and gives you a slick looking video record for your company to reference in the future.

Convinced yet? The next step is to hire a crew to produce the shoot. Give Crews Control a shout! As a crew staffing agency with over 20 years of experience managing and supplying the best crew for productions, they’re a trustworthy option for making your corporate meeting look fantastic on film. Visit www.crewscontrol.com for more info!


  1. Hi Andrea I require a small general meeting to be filmed on the 18 September at south perth yacht club at 10.00 am. Approx costs and charges.

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