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Industry Spotlight: 5 Education Videos Who Got It Right

Posted by Debbie Camper on December 3, 2019

Most organizations already know their branding and marketing efforts gain the most ground through the powers of video. Educational institutions are no different. And while there are plenty of reasons why a university may want to use video, there are many best strategies to make those videos fantastic.

Whether it be to highlight amenities, educational programs, university successes or personal messages to the public, video is a critical tool for this industry. But it doesn’t stop there.

The videos below take you on a virtual tour of beautiful campuses with vast  landscapes with the help of drone photography, and they successfully create a connection to the viewer with authenticity and the human factor. The last two videos may surprise you in their different approaches.

Let’s jump right in.

University of Nottingham

This beautifully produced video takes you on an impressive and up close and personal tour of the University of Nottingham.

The virtual tour of the historic campus is authentic and genuine as current students walk you through the university, giving you the intimate details about dorms, coffee shops, sports programs, the cafeteria, and student organizations.

If you’re looking to highlight your campus grounds, drone videography is definitely the best way to wow your viewers.

Including student testimonials with catchy, upbeat music keeps things relatable and interesting. Most schools’ goals are to become as appealing and engaging to potential attendees as possible.

Showcasing your university’s potential and benefits with aerial shots, testimonials and lots of b-roll makes for a successful video and an effective marketing strategy.

Rice University

This is a warm and informative video tour of an educational institution that has consistently ranked as one of the top 20 universities in the U.S.

Take note of the fast changing b-roll shots of the nature that intertwines through the campus. This video also utilizes time-lapse videography to highlight beautiful purple skies sitting above medieval Byzantine-styled buildings on a school that is more than 100 years old. Consider a time-lapse if you’re hoping to distinguish the longevity of your school.

And like the University of Nottingham, student testimonials sell the educational system not only through a well-produced video piece filled with beautiful imagery, but also with the help of friendly personalities.

Pace University

From the very beginning, this video immediately grabs the viewer’s attention through the use of energetic music, bright animation, and funky effects.

Beyond the intimate shots in the café and dance studio, there are more recognizable landmarks  like the Brooklyn Bridge and Freedom Tower to help the viewer associate the university with something they are already familiar with.

The upbeat music plays an essential part in this video production. But, just when you think you have locked into the upbeat rock n’ roll feel, the video switches to house music, and then on to upbeat acoustic rock. That’s a great way to hold the viewers’ attention.

Haverford College

Varying from the other videos in this blog, Haverford College knows it doesn’t take too much to showcase one of many great features they have to offer: a beautiful campus.

At less than three minutes long, this video gives a quick look of the university grounds. The smooth shots and drone footage keep the viewer captivated by the beauty and serenity of Haverford College in the fall.

There are no words spoken throughout the entire piece. However, none are needed as the music is both peaceful and engaging.

Unlike the other videos, this one doesn’t use any people to take you on a virtual tour of its campus. Instead, it effectively coordinates moving video shots and aerial footage that takes you above, around, and through the historic college in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

Does a video always need words to communicate its message? This video is an excellent example of one that doesn’t—an extraordinary video production of a college that has been around for almost 200 years—it brings about feelings of peace and nostalgia, to say everything needed.

Imperial College London

This is a fantastic piece from the Imperial College of London. The continuous zooming into the frame and alternating perspectives of the school make for a very intriguing viewing experience.

While watching this video, you’ll experience carefully crafted shots that make use of geometric shapes, aerial photography, and subtle reflections.

Each unique scene of this piece is aligned perfectly with its very own music—and the timing between the playing of one piano key to signal a new scene on to the next is both flawless and seamless.

Are you ready to take your short promotional piece to short-film quality? Would it serve your organization better?


In this article, we detailed video productions from some of the most esteemed learning centers around the world. We showed you how personality and the human factor could work in conjunction with excellent video production to build trust, credibility, and rapport.

The University of Nottingham, Rice University, and Pace University made use of real people to help viewers connect digitally and navigate through their beautiful campuses. However, videos from Haverford College and Imperial College London kept their authenticity while only making use of next-level videography—videography accompanied by musical scores, aerial photography, and b-roll that evoked emotion to create a connection.

As your organization sets out on its next project, how will you captivate, connect, and build trust with your audience and your potential customers? Will you depend on people within your video to deliver your message, or do you think beautiful imagery connected to the perfect musical score can say it all?

If you are looking to plan a video project or need help with motion graphics, we want to chat with you—we want to know about your project.

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