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What the 7 Best Business Videos Do for Brand Growth

Posted by Ashley Brook on January 9, 2020

Choosing the best videos to promote your business can make the difference between lifting your company to untold heights and letting it fall into the abyss of anonymity.

While the content and substance of your corporate videos will obviously differ considerably from those of your competitors, not to mention those of businesses from different industries, the general concept of the videos best for your business are the same as they are for any and every business.

The 7 Best Business Videos for Brand Growth

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With that in mind, and for your convenience, here are seven of the best corporate videos to produce and distribute for your brand’s growth:

1. Vlogging: Easy, Affordable, and Effective

A vlog is to video content what a blog is to written content. Use your vlog to stay connected to your customers and audience regularly. Let your vlog give your audience more in-depth insight into your company’s story and the things that matter to you. After all, 81% of businesses prefer to use Facebook for their video marketing.

Today many companies are using the convenience of vlogging to showcase their products, a typical day at the office and even to connect to their fellow team members who may not be in the same office or city – or even continent –  as them. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

When it comes to making business videos, vlogs are particularly inexpensive to produce. All you need is to sit or stand in front of a webcam and speak. People aren’t always as concerned about the production of the video as they are about the content. When at a loss for words, share a piece of your company’s story, or a personal anecdote about your career growth.

2. Subject Matter Expert Videos to Establish Credibility

Also known as a “How To” video, a tutorial is a step-by-step instructional video on how to perform a specific task. By the end of a video tutorial, the viewer should know how to do something from start to finish that he or she did not know how to do before. These are some of the best business videos when produced right. They help companies build rapport, build brand awareness, and establish credibility.

65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem. Want to build a house or remove weird parasites from your eye? YouTube might have the answer.  It’s likely that your customer base is looking for a solution you can provide them there as well!  These are some of the best corporate videos when produced right. They help companies build rapport, build brand awareness, and establish credibility.

3. Culture Videos Help Promote the Human Factor

A culture video gives viewers a peek behind the curtain into what makes your business tick—ie. its culture. With these types of videos, you can give a tour of your office, introduce your staff, show a typical day-in-the-life of your business, explain the process of creating your product, or coming up with new ones. All of this helps to make your business more human and relatable to your existing and prospective customers. It also makes them feel more a part of the company, rather than just one of its prospects or customers.

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4. Interviews Create Buzz and Align Companies with Thought Leaders

People love learning more about interesting and accomplished individuals. 97% of marketers say video has helped users gain a better understanding of their products and services. Whether they come from within your business or outside of it, find people you find interesting and accomplished in ways relevant to your company and your audience. In other words: thought leaders. Then ask them if they would sit down with you for a short video interview.

What do you ask interviewees in a video interview? Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What work do you do and how did you get into it?
  • What do you like most about the work you do, and what do you find the most challenging about it?
  • Where do you see your field going in the next year? Five years? Ten years?
  • What would you tell a person just getting into your line of work? What advice do you wish someone had given you when you first started out?

By interviewing thought leaders in your field and related areas of interest to your audience, you align yourself with their expertise. In other words, people begin to associate your brand with the knowledge and wisdom being imparted to them by these experts. They start to learn that they can rely on you to educate, inform, and enlighten them on subjects relevant and of interest to them.

As a bonus, your interview subjects may very well share your interview video with their audience, lending you their seal of approval and broadening your exposure all the more.

5. Webinars Help Businesses Connect with Individuals

Think of a webinar as a live tutorial. Specifically, a webinar is a live, unscripted event in which you teach attendees about a particular subject. Whether it’s B2C while demonstrating a product, a surgical demo to help prep a team of surgeons or a financial guru spreading wisdom on corporate budgeting to anyone who will listen, webinars are helpful across all industries.

Where a tutorial is best when it focuses on how to perform a specific task from start to finish, a webinar is best when it drills down into a particular topic and opens it up to be explored from every angle.

One significant advantage of a webinar for your business over other types of videos is that, since it is live, it means all the viewers choose to set aside the time on that specific date—a time you scheduled. This will be a time where they join you and the other remote attendees in the interest of developing new knowledge and skills.

This shows a more significant commitment than watching a prerecorded video at one’s convenience and means those people will be more likely to pay closer attention, get more out of the experience and more seriously consider your call to action at its close.

Webinars also offer value to attendees over tutorials and interviews in the live back and forth between presenters and viewers. At a webinar, viewers get to ask questions on the spot. Viewers also have a chance to get answers right away. Additionally, watchers have the benefit of listening to the questions and comments of other viewers. This allows for knowledge growth as new topics, viewpoints, and questions are added to the conversation.

Webinars can be broadcast live on sites and services like Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, and Periscope. Your live webinars can then lead attendees further down your sales funnel, be that to set up a one-on-one consultation or buy a related product in your catalog.

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6. Event Videos Capture the Energy of Live Productions

Like a webinar, an event video is a live video, but unlike a webinar, an event video takes place in a more polished setting with live participants and/or a live audience. Anytime you host or attend a corporate event, think of it as an opportunity to create another great business video.

Unlike a webinar, vlog, culture video, or interview where the content is the only element that matters, an event video needs to convey all the excitement and splendor of the live event. People watching an event video don’t just want to receive the information you’re communicating; they want to feel like they are there at the event with you. You are acting, in essence, as a proxy for these viewers, and as such, want to give them the full experience of being there.

That means an event video will generally cost more than other types of flagship video content, but if you’re hosting or attending an event anyway, it would be foolish not to shoot a video of it.

7. Product Reviews Add Value and Offer Insight

Lastly, don’t avoid product-related videos altogether. Just avoid making them into glorified advertisements. Instead, give a review of products that don’t compete with yours made by other companies with the same audience as yours.

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