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How to Shoot the Best Product Review and Unboxing Videos

Posted by Valerie Nolan on December 10, 2018

There’s a certain place down the Youtube rabbit hole that inevitably leads you to watching product reviews. Maybe you’re doing some research on a potential gift, or just want to get a closer look at a new lens without going to the store yourself. The point is, product review and unboxing videos have their place in the modern video production landscape.

What Is an Unboxing Video?

As the title suggests, an unboxing video is exactly what it sounds like. Usually shot in a vlog style, an unboxing video is usually centered around a new physical product being opened for the first time. A single speaker or explainer moves everything along.

Think of when a new iPhone is released. Inevitably, there are hundreds of videos that show, step by step, what that new device looks like directly out of the box. Unboxing videos are usually staged to also include a general review of the featured product or device. And since it’s literally fresh out of the box, the review is captivating in that it’s a true first impression.

Why should you care about unboxing videos?

For one, they’re extremely popular. Product review and unboxing videos are routinely found in top-watched lists on Youtube. Plus, they can be adapted to pretty much any industry.

Studio with white backdrop, fully lit.

Gamers focused on live-streaming can unveil special edition releases that segue into a full game review. Photographers and videographers can unbox new lenses, mics, camera bodies, or other equipment while simultaneously boosting their own platform. With the right approach, the possibilities are really endless. Especially since there are always new products waiting to be unveiled.

But why do they matter? Well for one thing, their popularity gives them the potential to be very lucrative. Especially during holiday seasons when people are looking to get more information on popular gift items.

It is also important to understand that they also provide a service. When produced honestly and with integrity, they give viewers a “real” look at a new device or product. Since it’s original, personal content that isn’t necessarily coming directly from a company, viewers are more likely to trust the reviewer. Or at minimum, take it at face value.

How Unboxing Videos Can Help Your Company:

Whether you’re a self-employed freelancer, or a larger, industry-specific corporation, unboxing videos are an easy and effective approach to add to your content repertoire. If leveraged correctly, they can help pull in new viewers that can eventually become lasting customers.

Unboxing videos tend to be a bit more personal. Like social media, utilizing unboxing videos and their vlog style give you an opportunity to lift the curtain a bit. Direct engagement with viewers and a friendly, casual speaker can really help in adding to your brand voice and identity.

Additionally, unboxing videos can also lead to growth and brand partnership opportunities. If you already have a sizable audience, reaching out to specific companies to offer a product demo or review can lead to a fruitful business relationship.

Consider utilizing another channel or platform for unboxing if your company has a new product to show-off. Even creating internal content that features product demos shot in a similar way and still reap the same benefits. Corporate giants like Disney and Samsung have utilized live unboxing videos as part of major marketing campaigns and demo events.

mitch nielsen 73284 unsplash unboxing videos

The best case in support of unboxing videos in general is how easy they are to produce.

How to shoot unboxing videos:

The great thing about unboxing videos is how easy they are to set up and make. The bar for entry is pretty low, which may indicate why they’re so prevalent. The casual, vlog style lends itself to the selfie camera, smartphone user uploading directly to a platform like Youtube. Plus, in the era of social media videos, they’re set to fit any screen.

However, just because they’re simple to set up doesn’t mean there’s not an art to creating the best unboxing videos. So what are some key tips to shooting unboxing videos?

Set up:

The person performing the unboxing should be an experienced speaker. While the product is definitely the star of the video, the person conducting the review should be able to guide the narrative forward. Think of how effective video testimonials are. Likewise, unboxing videos should be friendly, casual, and most importantly, understand the product they’re talking about in depth.

As far as the actual shoot, there shouldn’t be too much required. A single camera set up with a medium shot (from the waist up) will definitely suffice. With a single subject, the two most important things to get right will be audio quality and framing.

Shooting location will also play a significant role. A studio set up would be ideal, particularly for audio quality and to keep the actual focus on the product and person conducting the unboxing. A table or desk for the product would also allow it to be properly displayed. Use a tripod or steady cam to ensure the shot is stable.

Other shots to think about:

Anyone watching an unboxing video is doing so because they’re interested in the product being featured. So make sure that the product is visible in the greatest detail possible. Utilize close ups of the product in use or even the actual unboxing to build suspense and provide necessary b-roll. A few stylish still shots can be great to add in post, just be sure to add pan and zoom to keep it interesting.

A case can be made for using a two camera set up to help vary shots and angles. That way the end result is not just a talking head. Keep it moving and interesting, but not too busy which can be distracting.

jakob owens 205637 unsplash unboxing videos

General tips:

Again, unboxing videos seem pretty simple on the surface, and in many ways they are! But refining a few techniques will make the end product shine. Here are a few more general tips that should help you generate ideas and ensure a smooth production.

Make sure the product is interesting and timely. No matter what industry you’re in, the product you’re reviewing and unboxing should be one that people actually want to see. In most cases it should be something brand new.

Don’t wait too long to start unboxing. While these videos are definitely opportunities to branch to your other content or company platforms, don’t spend too long in the preamble. Get right into the action and save the call to actions for after.

Finally, be sure to show the product in use. If it’s electronic, fire it up and give the viewer an idea of what it’s like to use in action. If it’s a new lens, demonstrate how it attaches to the camera. And give real-time feedback. Unboxing videos work best when they’re authentic, in-the-moment reactions and first impressions.

The closing segments of unboxing videos are perfect ways for direct audience engagement and new business development. Ask them for their own feedback and reviews, and start dialogue. Push them towards your other content and services.

Unboxing videos may seem like simple vlogs aimed at quick cash grabs. But when used correctly, they can be powerful showcases and engagement opportunities. Simplicity never means quality should take a hit. And a well-produced unboxing video will only stand out more.

If you’re looking for a crew to help you with your first unboxing video, Crews Control is here! No matter where you are, we have your back. Reach out and get a quote today!

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