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5 Vlog Tips to Improve Your Company’s Internal Communications

Posted by Deb Nicharot on February 26, 2019

Take a look at any popular news or social media feed and you’ll probably see a high number of vlogs (video blogs). An increase of front facing cameras on mobile devices, technology like GoPros, and selfie culture in general have undoubtedly contributed to the ease at which vlog-type videos are produced. And an abundance of vlog tips helps ensure a higher quality end product.

But have you ever considered using vlogs more regularly for internal communications?

Why Vlogging?

It’s modern, it’s more personal, and it’s effective. According to a Forbes study published in June, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Certainly that figure is important to remember when considering your digital marketing efforts and how video should fit into that equation. However, don’t you want that same level of retention internally at your own company?

If you plan to regularly send internal communications, whether that’s in the form of newsletters, memos, or blogs, you want to ensure that your message is received. In the case of using video as a powerful tool for internal communications, take a closer look at these 5 vlog tips to ensure your internal communications remain successful and a crucial aspect to your company’s culture.

1. Choose the Right Platform

Youtube is one of the more obvious choices here. It’s the easiest and most accessible video platform to use, plus it has a user count at over 1,300,000,000. But, depending on your budget and production style (more on that later!), a higher-end option like Vimeo might work better for you.

Group of people taking a selfie for vlog tips.

Vimeo is perceived as a higher quality, more prestigious platform that offers advantages of its own. But since your vlogs will most likely be shared exclusively internally within the organization, it might not matter either way. Both platforms offer the ability to host a private channel, so you can ensure only your employees are receiving your communications.

However there are plenty of other hosting options. Maybe you go the mobile, social media route and upload exclusively to Instagram or Facebook. This can be a great option, especially if your approach involves live-streaming efforts. Plus it may make your communications more accessible and likely to be viewed versus an email, since any employees would be (or should be!) keeping up with company social media channels.

2. Share Company News

Vlogs aren’t simply limited to being used as newsletter replacements. Internal communications should go beyond training videos, memos, and company-wide emails. For organizations of a certain size, industry, or general makeup, it may be just as important to update shareholders and board members.

A leader that directly communicates, along with the personal touch that video adds, brings a new layer of trust and accountability to communications. Particularly among companies where leadership might be geographically spread, or in the case of a majority of employees that work remotely, vlogs can be key to maintaining a healthy connection while fostering your company’s culture.

3. Use the Right Equipment and Set Up

The type of camera set up you decide to go with will entirely depend on your own personal goals for your vlog as it relates to your company’s internal communications. For instance, for a more stripped-down and personal touch, you may decide to just use a mobile device’s front-facing camera. Especially if you’re using a streaming platform like IGTV or Facebook live.

Using a mobile device is a great, low budget option and would allow you the freedom to shoot anywhere in a more spontaneous approach. Again, this may fit very well into your company ethos. But for more polish, professionalism, and consistency, investing in better equipment and production tools might be the route to go.

Other production factors to consider might include: 

-More advanced camera/tripod set up

-Multi-camera shoots/Use of b-roll

-Utilizing a script vs speaking off the cuff

-Professional lighting

-Professional editing

4. Think About Presentation

How your message is delivered is just as important to consider as the message itself. Think about it; what good is making a vlog if watching the video is just as boring as reading the wall-of-text email it’s replacing?

In that sense it’s important to avoid some of the trappings that can occur with modern video trends. Particularly with vlogs, it’s easy to fall into just becoming a talking head. But video is an exciting, open-ended medium. It’d be a shame to waste creative potential by just filming yourself reading an email draft.

Take this opportunity to think outside the box. Will your vlogs use multi-camera shoots as a sort of “day-in-the-life”/reality tv setup? Will post-production include any unique, modern additions like animation?

Consider What’s Already Successful

Or maybe it’s just finding a new, innovative way to communicate your message. Take Rand Fishkin (CEO/co-founder of SEOmoz) and the long-running “Whiteboard Friday” video series.

These videos accomplish the goals of the company while also utilizing the charisma of a front-facing CEO like Fishkin. The creative use of the whiteboard brings a visual aspect to the mini-lectures. But it does so in a grounded way that makes producing them on a weekly basis doable.

5. Grow Your Brand

Obviously the Fishkin example is unique because the Whiteboard Friday video series in particular isn’t limited to just employees. However, it brings up an interesting possibility that comes with utilizing a medium like vlogs. Parlay your internal communications into powerful, brand-building external communications.

In this case, what can easily be used as internal messaging is transformed into potent customer-facing marketing. It’s not everyday that a CEO can effectively communicate directly with a company’s target audience.

However, it’s about finding the right balance. Knowing your industry and understanding your audience, both internally and externally, are key to striking the perfect tone and topics for your vlogs.

The Wrap

No matter your industry, video continues to be a leading strategy for effective communication. While video should absolutely have a role in your marketing plan, don’t be afraid to experiment and make video a permanent fixture in your internal communications.

Production crew shooting vlog tips in stairwell.

When utilized effectively, vlogs in particular can have a powerful effect on internal communications. Aside from increasing the retention of messages, vlogs add a unique personal touch. Not only can they help boost a healthy company culture, they might later prove to be useful marketing tools for your company’s external communications. Plus, they’re open-ended enough to give you your choice in approach.

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