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A First Look: ASTRODESIGN 4k Camera System

Posted by Cricket Capucci on August 21, 2013

ASTRO_4K_SYSTEM_Thumbnail-200x140The ASTRODESIGN 4K camera is a remote operated 3840×2160 super high quality solution that can be utilized in multiple video production scenarios and locations. It’s small, compact design enables its usability to stretch far beyond those larger 4k camera solutions available in the market. Some perfect examples for using this camera system would be shooting a live medical procedure, tele lectures, and military procedure videos. All of those examples require minimal interference, simple, and clean interfacing to render the best results.




The camera system consists of a camera Head, processing Unit, and master control remote. The camera head is a 1.25 inch high resolution single plate image sensor capable of producing 8.9 million pixels, and an image resolution of 3840×2160 at 60p. The camera can be used up to a kilo meter of away from the processing unit and is connected via 3G/HD-SDI output terminals. An additional HD monitor out is provided if you would ever need some extra output monitoring as well. The camera has micro four thirds mounts; lens control for the IRIS and focus are capable only with MFT mountable lenses.

The processing unit is the central hub of the entire system. It handles all of the video signal processing and output referencing. It provides 4-channels of 3G/HD-SGI dual-link outputs, with additional HD-SDI and BB terminal ports for extra referencing. The master control unit is connected to processing unit, and provides the operator with control over the entire systems monitoring functions. The system can be interfaced to operate manually or set to auto and work independently via the master control unit.

Master Control Unit Functions


    • Mode of Operation


    • Camera Select


    • HD Monitor View


    • Video Output Controls: (RGB gain, RGB Black, Color Temperature, Iris, Shutter speed and Master Pedestal Control)



Basic System Diagram





For more information regarding specifications and system design functionality please review ASTRODESIGN’s 4K camera system data sheet located on the company website. The ASTRODESIGN 4K camera system was built with specific industries in mind, but does that limit its value in other markets? What other productions would this camera system be good for? Let us know what you think!


  1. A First Look: ASTRODESIGN 4k Camera System

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