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The Benefits of Working with a Women-Owned Business That Consolidates Global Services

Posted by Andrea Keating on November 6, 2016

Managing a global supply chain is no easy task. You need to handle a variety of suppliers, providing them to deliver you their goods or services on time, on spec, and on budget. If a single supplier fails to meet just one of these criteria, it can put an entire project or operation at risk, affecting your business and your customers.

There’s no magic formula for successfully managing a global supply chain, but working with a women-owned business which helps you consolidate your global needs helps immensely. Here are seven important benefits you’ll enjoy by working with a certified WBENC global business such as Crews Control:

1. Meeting Corporate Requirements

A recent poll conducted by purchasing.com found that over half of all companies believed supplier diversity was a medium or high-level priority for them. This means that it’s more likely than not that your own company has some sort of supplier diversity initiative in place. If you’re required to do business with vendors that are owned by women or minorities, using a women-owned business that consolidates global services is the perfect way to do so. You’ll gain access to an enormous group of experts from around the world while still complying while your company’s strict supplier requirements and enjoying the benefits of supplier diversity.

2. Quality Assurance

Working with a certified minority business enterprise is a good way to support a variety of vendors without taking on much risk. The certification process for the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council or Minority Business Enterprise Status includes specific operational standards. MBE status, for example, requires that a business must be open for at least one year. Working with a company that has one of these certifications lets you rest easy knowing that they possess a certain level of experience and expertise. Working with a vendor without these certifications is a much riskier proposition, no matter who owns or operates them.

3. Tax Breaks

By using a supplier owned by a minority or a woman, you’ll be eligible for certain federal tax breaks in the United States. Beyond that, you may also be eligible for reduced tax liabilities for using a women-owned business to help assist with a project that’s been funded by state or federal loans and grants. Depending on which state you are operating in, you may also be eligible for additional breaks at the state level. No matter what, working with a certified women-owned business will have a positive impact on your bottom-line.

Women-owned business better for tax time

When it’s time to pay taxes, your company will be glad it’s working with a women-owned business.

4. Increased Profitability

It might sound too good to be true, but evidence suggests that companies who work with diverse suppliers are more profitable than companies who do not. Some companies were able to generate an improved return of over 100%!

The improved profits come from a variety of reasons. First are the tax breaks, which are listed above. Second, because women-owned businesses are able to take advantage of tax breaks and government incentives, they’ll often be able to provide extremely competitive pricing. Finally, working with a diverse supply team gives you plenty of different perspectives and experiences, offering you plenty of opportunities to rethink and improve your existing processes.

5. Helps Remove Logistical Burdens

Working with a company that consolidates global services removes the burden of having to hold a ton of knowledge about the services in question to the vendor you’re working with. Using Crews Control as an example, a component video crew includes lots of different moving pieces. You’ll need to consider the staff and their skills, the equipment they’ll use, and the actual services they’ll provide. Each video will require different expertise, based on the complexity, location, and timing of the shoot. Working with a third-party supplier that consolidates these services means you don’t need to focus on knowing how to find the perfect crew, you simply need to make a single call to your trusted partner.

6. Supporting American-Based Businesses

Supporting American-based businesses is a great way to keep our economy chugging along. Beyond that, you won’t have to worry about issues that could crop up such as cultural or linguistic barriers, currency exchanges, or simply having to collaborate in vastly different time zones. Unfortunately, when you’re working abroad, this can be tough to avoid.

Companies such as Crews Control offer a compelling alternative. You’ll be able to work with video crews from around the world by simply reaching out to a single global service provider. It’s a simple way to tap into a global workforce without over-complicating your supply chain.

7. Consolidated Invoicing

If you’re placing a high volume of orders or working with a bunch of different vendors, consolidating your invoicing processes whenever possible will save you a lot of time, money, and hassle. A global services provider such as Crews Control lets you work with many different crews without having to invoice every single one individually. You could have five different projects going on in five different continents and still only have to deal with Crews Control for a single invoice.

Women-owned business consolidating invoices

Consolidating your invoicing with a single supplier cuts down on paperwork, saving you a lot of valuable time.

If you’re convinced that working with a women-owned business for your global needs will have a positive impact on your organization, Crews Control is a great partner to start with. We’ll be able to help you with any of your video crew needs, no matter where in the world you’re filming your next corporate video. To get started with us today, click here for a free quote.content?Action=tp&cid=48094 global services

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