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Tips for Shooting Video in Baltimore

Posted by Kim Moseman on July 14, 2017

Baltimore is a major metropolitan city with a rich American history and plenty to offer both visitors and locals alike. Shooting in Charm City provides many opportunities for great video footage. The question is how do you make the most out of video production in Baltimore? We talked to one of our production managers, Cricket Capucci, about ten simple tips for your next video shoot in Baltimore:

1. Weather

Baltimore has a relatively mild climate. All seasons are present and have a chance to thrive throughout the year. “The best time to shoot would be spring and fall. Summers are hot and humid. With winter you never know, you can have no snow or six feet,” Capucci said.

2. Fells Point

This historic waterfront community always has something going on. Fells Point is full of excellent restaurants and shops, offering the chance to capture some great b-roll shots.

3. Team Pride

Baltimore is home to the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens and the MLB’s Baltimore Orioles. You must be aware of the fact that everyone takes a great deal of pride in their home teams! Getting shots of M&T Bank Stadium or Camden Yards is perfect for backdrops or b-roll.

4. National Historic Seaport

Referred to as the unofficial center of Baltimore, the seaport is historic and crucial to the city. “Baltimore is a really large seaport. A lot of ships come in and out and it really makes Baltimore what it is,” Capucci said. It’s a can’t-miss shot when filming in the area.

5. Permits

It’s important to contact the Baltimore City Film Office before shooting video in the city. Permits aren’t always necessary, but they will help you determine if they are and what the costs will be. For more information on permits, you can visit this website.

6. Industrial Life

For most of its history, Baltimore was focused on industry. During the Industrial Revolution, Baltimore was the fastest-growing city in the nation. There are remnants of this boom period all around the city. “The Domino Sugars sign is iconic to Baltimore,” Capucci explained.


The Domino Sugar factory is the perfect symbol of Baltimore’s industrial past.

7. Transportation

The best way to get around the city, especially with filming equipment, is by car. Public transportation is limited and often overcrowded.

8. Historical Significance

It’s important to understand that Baltimore has a diverse and rich history everywhere you look. Edgar Allan Poe grew up in Baltimore and visitors are welcome to enter his old residence, the Edgar Allan Poe House. Francis Scott Key wrote our National Anthem during the War of 1812 when he viewed an enormous 30×42-foot flag wave over Fort McHenry. These historical landmarks offer unique, exciting opportunities for footage.

9. Food

When in Baltimore, you have to enjoy a classic Maryland crab cake from Faidley’s Seafood and a lobster roll from Thames Street Oyster House. Other Maryland classics include Berger cookies and Old Bay.

10. Inner Harbor

There is so much to see and do in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. “Inner Harbor is a great place to shoot,” per Capucci. With excellent views of The Baltimore Aquarium, The World Trade Center, and breathtaking water view, shots of the Inner Harbor are essential to any Baltimore video shoot.


The Inner Harbor is one of Baltimore’s most beautiful spots and a great place to shoot your video.

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