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Want to Build Customer Trust? Embrace Video

Posted by Ashley Brook on June 26, 2017

Business is just like your everyday life – relationships matter. And nothing is more important to a relationship than trust. Building trust with your audience is critical to keeping your brand relevant, driving sales, and keeping customers focused on you, not your competition. Today, we’re going to discuss exactly why building customer trust is so important, how company videos can be used to build customer trust, and which types of videos you should be using.

Why Trust is Important

Building trust with your audience is one of the most important business goals you could focus on. It has a direct impact on your company’s overall perception and the bottom line. Here are some of the most important benefits you’ll see by purposefully using content to build trust:

Improving Your Brand’s Reputation

Having a strong brand reputation is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Potential customers will know what they can expect from your brand and feel confident doing business with you. Not only that, but they’ll be more willing to pay a premium for your goods or services, and will feel more comfortable referring you to their friends and family.

Boosting Customer Loyalty

Once somebody knows what to expect from you and they trust you, there’s less of a reason to shop around the next time they’re looking to make a purchase. Customers will want to do business with you simply because they know they won’t regret it. Considering that it’s much less expensive to retain existing customers than finding new ones, retention has a very significant impact on your bottom line.

Better Workplace Environment

People don’t want to work for a company that they don’t trust themselves. By being honest and direct with your audience and creating a culture based on trust, you’ll improve the relationship with your employees, too. This can reduce turnover, which keeps your best employees with the company and reduces time and money spent on recruiting and training.

How Video Builds Trust

Clearly, building trust with your customers is critical to the success of your business. Luckily, there is a simple way to start building trust immediately – with video content. In a recent survey, over half (57 percent) of all consumers agreed that video content gives them the confidence that they need to make an online purchase.

Why does something as simple as video build trust? There are a number of key reasons. First of all, using video humanizes your brand. Instead of being a random company somebody has found online, they’ll be able to see people representing your brand and put a face to the website. They’ll see exactly who you are, what you do, and develop a feel for your company’s personality very quickly.

Video content is also a good signal that a company is legitimate simply because videos are a bit more difficult to produce. An untrustworthy brand could easily put together a website and some blog posts together, but putting a video together takes a bit more time and effort. Simply having a video doesn’t guarantee your brand is worth their time, but consciously or subconsciously, it’s a good signal that you aren’t just some fly-by-night business.


Testimonials are a great way to build trust without even having to develop the content yourself.

Videos That Inspire Confidence

Not all videos are good at building trust. For example, people tend not to trust ads, so if your videos are purely advertisements or are overly sales-driven, they’re not going to build much trust. Instead, here are some videos that will do a good job of making you more authentic and trustworthy:

  • Product videos

    – remember that more than half of people are given the confidence they need to make a purchase by online video. It makes sense, then, that the smartest videos to make are the ones you put directly on your product pages. Create honest, simple demos that highlight the benefits of your products.

  • Testimonials or reviews

    – seeing that other people have already benefited from your company is a strong way to prove that you are trustworthy and have something positive to offer.  Testimonials have the most impact when there is a good story!

  • Company stories

    – help people put a face to your company by giving a video introduction to who you are, what problems you solve, and why you’re in the business that you’re in. Use real-life employees for best effect (as long as they’re comfortable on camera!).

  • Post-sale videos

    – a great way to show your customers that you truly care about them is creating content for their post-sales experience. You’ve already gotten their business, so now is the time to really build the relationship. Create content that helps them get the most out of their purchase or answers some of the most common questions from new users.

General Tips for Building Trust

Here are some general tips for building trust as a business that you can use while producing a company video and throughout all aspects of your operations:

  • Be authentic.

    If you exaggerate or fabricate the truth, people will see right through it and any trust will be shattered.

  • Stay consistent.

    If your advertising or messaging is all over the place, people won’t have a feel for who you are and won’t have any reason to expect consistency from you.

  • Finely target your content.

    The more targeted and relevant your content is, the closer to home it’s going to hit. Casting a large net means your content is going to be too general, which puts distance between yourself and your audience.

  • Be approachable.

    When people leave comments or send questions about your content, respond quickly and honestly.


Building trust takes time and effort, but the benefits for your company are worth it.

Now that we understand exactly why it’s important to build trust and how you can use videos to do it, it’s time to start shooting! If you need help producing or shooting your video, make sure to reach out to us. We can help you find the perfect crew for any company video shoot anywhere in the world. To get started, click here for a free quote.





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