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Communication Professionals Marketing Themselves

Posted by Rebekah Toth Burns on May 5, 2014

As media professionals providing internal and external business communication solutions it can be challenging to market ourselves, departments, and product lines to key stake holders. How do you make your products and services current and relevant within your organization? Creating a digital magazine is a great example of how a marketing manager within a massive organization like Sony is able to elevate a product line and make management take notice. Peter Crithary is the Marketing Manager for Professional Solutions of America at Sony Electronics and coeditor of a newly created digital magazine called CineAlta. In January of 2014 the CineAlta magazine launched its premiere issue. The mission of the magazine as it is stated on page three is “…telling the stories of those using Sony’s large sensor digital motion picture cameras in production”. Instead of reacting to what the market may publish about large sensor cameras, this publication is taking action by collecting stories and tracking analytics within the ISSUU platform.

ISSUU is a fresh way to read, share, and save digital content. The platform is simple and clean for the reader. The digital magazines can be shared across social media channels and even embedded into websites and blogs like the second issue of the CineAlta magazine is here. The really cool thing about this publication platform for the publisher is valuable analytics, which stories are the most read and how many times the magazine has been embedded on other sites. As marketing and corporate communications professionals, we all know the value of numbers and how much the “C” level responds to data.

Crews Control’s four part article “CineAlta Cameras not just for Hollywood” showcases some ways in which our worldwide video production crews and clients are using Sony large sensor cameras in the second issue of CineAlta. Corporate communications topics often get lost in the world of broadcast and blockbuster news. For this reason, it was important for Crews Control to be included within this publication to give enterprise communications a voice within the mainstream.

As new digital platforms like ISSUU emerge, MARCOM professionals are able to market our own products and services to our target market and increase value within our organizations and departments. We would love to hear from you on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIN. Please share how your team increases their value within your organization.

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