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The Future of Communications: Advanced Video Technology

Posted by Kim Moseman on December 9, 2021

Video content, live or recorded, is a powerful resource for internal communications. During COVID-19 lockdowns, companies became ever more dependent on video to stay in touch with their employees. And without the ability to host standard in-person presentations, businesses branched out into new, high-impact advanced communication tools.

Zoom fatigue became the norm, just a few months into the pandemic. Companies sought out dynamic and entertaining video technology to recapture audiences, two of which are holograms and volumetric video.

This new technology helps corporations and associations achieve high impact audience engagement similar to in-person presentations. By using holograms and volumetric video, businesses can take these strategies to the next level in a few different ways.

image0011 video technology

Hologram technology is quickly becoming an option to avoid large group travel during an uncertain time. Presenters are able to beam in as holograms to meetings and presentations around the globe while eliminating their travel time, costs and exposure.

While volumetric video is earlier in development than holograms, companies see the potential and are already planning out use cases for these immersive and visually fascinating clips. Proof-of-concept projects have played out in novel venues and showed off volumetric video’s capabilities.

Hologram technology and volumetric video continue to rise in popularity, both projected to post double-digit compound annual growth rates in the immediate future. But with any emerging technology, there is a cost of admission when it comes to using hologram solutions and volumetric video services. It is up to your team to determine which projects need advanced video formats and what should remain standard.

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