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Creating Video For Your Metaverse Strategy

Posted by Barb Kittridge on March 31, 2022

Does your company have a metaverse strategy? If the answer is currently no, it may change within a few years. Gartner research on the potential of the metaverse and virtual reality predicts that by 2026, 30% of companies will offer some products or services in the metaverse.

As of now, metaverse development is in the early stages. There is no one dominant metaverse platform yet, and numerous companies are investing heavily in the hopes they will become leading lights in the new realm of virtual reality experiences and virtual world creation. It’s an ideal moment to consider what your metaverse strategy will be in the years ahead.

Some businesses will reach out directly to consumers through online storefronts, video entertainments and games. Others will take a more businesslike approach and run internal communications in the metaverse. Notably digital organizations may commit wholly to the metaverse, for both business and consumer-facing communications. Whichever approach you choose, you and your partners will need a solid metaverse strategy that matches your business model.

What Could Companies’ Metaverse Strategies Include?

Early demonstrations of metaverse technology have shown a few of the likely approaches companies can take to creating content for virtual spaces. Since the overall concept of interacting in a 3D virtual environment is very broad, your metaverse strategy can take one of several forms. That might mean focusing on business or committing to a consumer-facing entertainment approach.

  • Virtual meetings: Companies with remote workforces may be searching for an alternative to standard videoconferencing. Their answer could come from the metaverse, with employees’ avatars meeting in a virtual reality space. Fortune reported that, while Bill Gates sees these metaverse meetings as the norm within two to three years, not all tech thinkers envision the transition happening so quickly. In any case, with widespread work-from-home policies here to stay, businesses will undoubtedly be looking for ways to bring their global teams together.
  • Training and orientation materials: Educational content could be a very compelling feature of companies’ metaverse experiences. In a virtual reality space, employees can experience training in three dimensions, creating a more compelling and complete picture than watching a standard video. Training content could also be a great application for another advanced digital content type: volumetric video, clips in which users can move their point of view while watching.
  • Entertainment and brand events: A metaverse experience can present users with vibrant, engrossing content. This could make it the perfect platform for mass entertainment. Companies have spent the past few years launching branded events including concerts inside the worlds of multiplayer online games. With more VR headset adoption by the public at large, metaverse events can take their place as popular chances to promote a brand through sponsorships.

Whether a metaverse strategy aims for entertainment value or is all business, it will need high-quality video content to keep users engaged. 

Due to the technical needs involved in making this content, working with a partner may be the best way to procure the necessary materials.

Metaverse CTA Metaverse Strategy

What Type of Video Content is Right for the Metaverse?

A standard two-dimensional video likely won’t be enough to work as part of a metaverse strategy. Capturing video in three dimensions using specialized camera equipment and stage facilities will be an essential part of creating impressive and immersive content that takes advantage of virtual reality to create cutting-edge consumer experiences.

For a preview of how 3D video capture will work, you can look to current applications of advanced video, including live augmented reality holograms. These three-dimensional images are captured with purpose-built cameras and broadcast into live virtual presentations held in real world spaces. 

How Can a Partner Help Create Metaverse Video Content?

Just as few companies today have the in-house experience and facilities to create volumetric video or holograms, it’s likely that digital assets for the metaverse will be most effectively created through partnerships with expert video production services.

By teaming with an organization that combines experienced crews, the latest equipment and high-tech studio facilities, your company can delve into advanced video production without the up-front investment necessary to build these capabilities in house. The partnership model can bring metaverse content creation in range for businesses of any size and industry.

There’s no need to wait until metaverse technology becomes pervasive to build a relationship with an expert video production partner. The same organizations that have developed their capabilities over the past few decades, staying on the cutting edge of digital video creation, will continue in this role as the state of the art advances.
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