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10 Local Secrets for Sacramento Video Shoots

Posted by Kim Moseman on August 16, 2017

Sacramento is the capital of California and a beautiful location where sun and history are plentiful everywhere. The warm climate and access to so many historical sites make this city a great location to film and visit.

But how do you make the most of shooting video in Sacramento? We talked to Sacramento local Brendan Compton about ten simple tips for your next video shoot in Sacramento.

  1. 1. Weather: This city has classic California weather. Summers are pretty hot and can reach up to 110 degrees. You’ll want to dress accordingly to avoid succumbing to the heat. On the bright side, winters are not extreme and snow is a rare occurrence.
  2. 2. History: Sacramento has an interesting history that goes all the way back to the 1850s. Remnants of this rich history are scattered all around the city. The most well-known would be the Gold Rush that started in 1848 and can be revisited at Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park. The first transcontinental railroad was also started in Sacramento, and you can learn more about it at the California State Railroad Museum. There are several historical monuments all around the city as well. Filming shots of historical sites while in Sacramento are a must you cannot pass up.
  3. 3. Permits: Usually for a small crew, a permit is not required. “The rule of thumb is that if there are five or more crew members in a crew, the city would like to be notified of that filming,” Compton said. For more information on filming permits in Sacramento, visit this website.
  4. 4. Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament: This Roman Catholic Church opened in 1889 and is a very popular location for visitors and camera crews alike. The Renaissance Revival-type architecture makes this cathedral stand out among others in the city and is a great shot for B-Roll.
  5. 5. Transportation: Sacramento has a Light Rail that is fairly inexpensive if you need to travel around the city. However, if you are navigating through the city with a lot of equipment, renting a car is the best option.
  6. 6. Traffic: The traffic in the city is not as severe as it is in the Bay Area or in other major cities. “At peak time, you can expect around a 15-minute delay,” Compton said.
  7. 7. San Joaquin River Delta: This body of water that goes right through the city and creates many scenic shots. “It’s very picturesque along the water and very historical,” Compton said. “It’s around there that the first railroad was built and then traveled from there East.” This is a great location to capture B-Roll. Sacramento location
  8. 8. State Capitol Building: Sacramento is the capital of California. The Capitol Building features a museum and the state’s working seat of government. This structure is a staple for Sacramento and should not be passed over while shooting video in the city.
  9. 9. Food: Sacramento has “every kind of food you can imagine,” Compton said. “There are a lot more restaurants now than in the past; everything from high end to chain restaurants.”  Some favorites for visitors and locals alike include Zocalo Midtown, II Fornaio, and The Firehouse Restaurant.
  10. 10. Old Sacramento State Historic Park: This is not your typical State Park. Old Sacramento State Historic Park is a cluster of historic buildings that date all the way back to the Gold Rush. This historical landmark has over 50 buildings and is an iconic shot you can only get in Sacramento. It is like stepping back in time.

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