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6 Reasons Your Company Needs an Explainer Video

Posted by Andrea Keating on August 8, 2017

Explainer videos are simple, concise videos that a company uses to introduce itself, discuss what they stand for, and explain how they go about solving problems for their customers. It grabs a viewer’s attention and answers any initial questions they might have. It’s the equivalent of a website’s About Us page in a more elegant format.

Here are six of the most important reasons that your company needs an explainer video:

1. Short and Sweet

Perhaps most importantly, explainer videos are the perfect way to disseminate information. In the course of only two or three minutes, a viewer will get the gist of what your company stands for and how you can help solve their problems. Because video is such an interactive medium, they will be much more likely to recall this information, too. There’s no better way to pass along important information than with an explainer video.

2. Boost Search Engine Ranks

When you include a video on a webpage, it’s much more likely to show up on the first page of Google’s search results. And if your video itself shows up, it’s going to generate more clicks on average than a text result would. With more search engine visibility than ever before, not only are you going to have a chance to explain yourself, you’ll get more attention than you would in the first place.

3. Personalize Your Brand

A video is a more effective way to explain who you are and what you do because you have the chance to inject a lot more personality into it. You’ll be able to tell your story in an interesting fashion, connecting with your audience and showing you fully understand their problems and how to solve them. This helps set you apart from the rest of your competition.

4. Improve Conversion Rates

If you’re going to take the time to create marketing materials explain your brand, you should utilize the format that’s going to produce the best results. That’s where explainer videos really shine. After watching an explainer video, viewers are up to 85% more likely to make a purchase. In some specific cases, explainer videos were able to boost conversions by over 140%! Unless you’re not looking to increase sales, this is another critical reason that explainer videos are crucial.

5. Mobile Friendly

With so many people using mobile devices to access the Internet and research brands, it’s vital that all of your content is optimized for them. Video is great because it’s extremely mobile-friendly already. If it’s a YouTube video, for example, you won’t have to worry about tweaking it or ensuring it works on all different devices, it’ll automatically be optimized once you upload it. This gives you a significant advantage if the competition is relying on webpages or other infographics, or any other format that is a bit trickier to optimize for all devices.

6. Promotes Shares

When somebody views your video and feels a connection with your brand, the best case scenario is that they share if with their family and friends. People trust their peers more than they trust brands, so a referral like that is hard to beat. This is another way that videos shine: on Facebook, videos are shared seven times more often than text links. Explainer videos will promote sharing and end up getting your brand in front of a larger, more receptive audience.

What Makes a Great Explainer Video?

Now that we understand why an explainer video is important, it’s important to know what makes a great one. Here are some of the elements of an exceptional explainer video:

  • Focus on the most important details. If your video is too long, people won’t finish it and might be scared off from even watching it in the first place. Pick the most important takeaways you want a new prospective customer to know, and focus solely on them.
  • Dig into benefits. Since your video will be short and it’s your first opportunity to make an impression, don’t bore your audience with details of features. Instead, focus on the benefits you offer and save the technical discussion for later in the relationship.
  • Spice it up. People aren’t watching videos just for information, they’re looking for a bit of entertainment, too. Give it to them by showing some personality. This also helps forge a deeper connection, making them more likely to take the next step with your brand.

Examples of Great Explainer Videos

Litmus Email

This is a great example of showing some personality. Here, you’ll see that Litmus takes the subject of email marketing and puts a great creative spin on it:

Stitch Fix

Clocking in at only 30 seconds, Stitch Fix provides the perfect example of how to fit a lot of information into a very concise video:

Crazy Egg

By following the tried and true “problem and solution” format, Crazy Eggs provides a solid template for exactly how you should focus on benefits instead of features:

With a solid understanding of why it’s important to have an explainer video and how you can create a great one, all that’s left is to plan and shoot your own. Make sure to reach out to us here at Crews Control for help finding the perfect crew anywhere in the world. All you have to do to get started is click here for your free quote!

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