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Shooting Video in San Antonio

Posted by on June 24, 2016

San Antonio is a city where rich history and tradition meet the excitement of a modern city. Combined with its colonial heritage, a charming feel radiates from the architecture. In addition to that, San Antonio is home to famous landmarks such as the Alamo. Clearly, San Antonio offers endless opportunities for your video productions.

10. Tower of the Americas

The observation deck at the Tower of the Americas offers a mesmerizing view of the city. You should consider this making one of your first stops, as it gives you knowledge of the entire city, making it easy to choose specific locations for your shoot.

9. Permits

Before heading to any shot, it is important to gather information about permits. According to Crews Control representative DP Gerardo Rueda, “A permit is not always necessary if you know where to stand.” For instance, taking a shot of the Alamo from the public sidewalk is perfectly looking. If you want to shoot more complex scenes, you may need a permit from the city. Full information about permit usage may be found at the San Antonio city website.

8. Incentives

The Texas Film Commission encourages creativity by offering a generous incentive program aimed at qualified television and film productions. The incentive program features three tiers, with the highest offering a 22.5% cash grant. For more information on their incentive program, visit the Texas State Government’s website.

7. Fiesta

Are you looking to film the city when it’s booming with visitors and activity? Make sure to stop by during the 10-day festival held in April, Fiesta. This party celebrates the San Antonio’s cultural diversity and takes advantage of the city’s numerous properties. Events include a fireworks show, a pilgrimage to the Alamo, and the Fiesta Pooch Parade. Of the estimated 3.5 million who attend every year, about 20% are visitors from around the world.

6. Tex-Mex Cuisine

The city is known for its cuisine that fuses American and Mexican styles. Rosario’s is a local favorite and has been consistently voted ‘Best Mexican Restaurant’ by local critics. Their salsa is famous, having followed the same recipe for 20 years. With so many options, make sure to ask your crew for the best place to enjoy a hearty meal and a cold Margarita.

5. River Walk

Also known as Paseo del Rio, the San Antonio River Walk is the largest urban ecosystem in the nation. When you want to take a break from filming, take in the 30-mile loop on the riverboat tour. With plenty of tourists attracted to RiverWalk’s restaurants and shops, it’s the perfect place to shoot b-roll that captures the hustle and bustle of San Antonio. Just don’t forget your permit!

4. Getting Around

Like any city, traffic in San Antonio is problematic during rush hour. However, they just introduced VIVA, a brand-new service line from VIA Metropolitan Transit. VIVA offers a route that connects the most popular sites in San Antonio. Looking for another easy way to meet up with your crew? San Antonio BCycle allows you to pick up a bike at any BStation and return it when you’re done. The bike share program is easy to use and helps you avoid traffic.

3. San Antonio Weather

For the most part, San Antonio enjoys tropical and desert climates. Summers are hot and humid while winters are very mild. Summer temperatures last as late as October. If you want to keep cool while shooting outdoors, avoid wearing black and make sure to stay hydrated.

2. The Historic Pearl

This neighborhood showcases the local flavors that San Antonio has to offer. It houses the Pearl Brewery until it closed in 2001. Since then, Pearl has flourished with apartments, restaurants, hotels, and farmers markets. The Culinary Institute of Art has established a campus at Pearl, adding to the food scene. What really makes this place stand out is the modern approach fused with its vintage industrial look. The charming neighborhood is the perfect place to film life shots and conduct interviews.

1. Historic Sites

A large number of missions were established throughout the city in the early 1700s, including its most treasured landmark – The Alamo. This site gives visitors a glimpse of a pivotal moment in American history. British rock star Phil Collins donated his own collection of Alamo artifacts to the city, showing the effect of its powerful story. The best time to see the Alamo in the summer according to Rueda is around 5 or 6 p.m. since the sun isn’t too harsh on the front limestone. With a variety of architectural elements, the Alamo adds the perfect historic backdrop to any video segment.

Rueda says he can go on and on about how great San Antonio is, but that the city is best left to travelers to discover. If you’re in need of a video crew in San Antonio, make sure to click here for a free quote.content?Action=tp&cid=43920 San antonio


  1. Wow! Very informative article, nicely written. I am considering visiting San Antonio this summer and will be sure to check out some of the things in the article!

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