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Why Your Company Should Invest in Client Video Testimonial Production Today

Posted by Kim Moseman on June 24, 2016

Why your Company Should Invest In Client Video Testimonial Production

You know that video testimonials are crucial for business. Your boss doesn’t. So how do you convince them that increasing the budget for video is an investment that will pay off? Here’s some ammunition you can use for your argument.

Put a Face to the Name

Faceless companies are a deterrent; people need businesses they relate to. One of the best ways to create that connection is to have actual human beings speaking on your website. Clients will see themselves in past client testimonials, and understand their needs and sympathize.

This makes your company more approachable, and gives you credibility that many of your competitors’ websites are lacking. It should never be a mystery as to who the people are behind the company and who their past satisfied clients are.

Text is Boring

Videos do the opposite; they’re engaging, and (if written correctly with smart marketing) can entice an active response from your audience. A call to action is an invitation to engage with your business.

Having compelling visuals via video increases brand awareness, and spreads the brand’s message without being obnoxious or overwhelming. The more creative, the better.

Shareable Positivity

Video gives you shareable content that is interesting. No one is going to share a chunk of text on Facebook or Twitter, let alone read it on their timeline, but they will be more inclined to share a short, compelling video.

In the fast paced turn-around time of internet culture, concise videos have a stronger chance at becoming viral than any other form of online media.

This not only gives you content that people will watch, but increases your Search Engine Optimization, and you may even score a few dollars on YouTube views if your videos are marketed successfully. They will become a resource to use on all social media platforms, your website and at trade show booths, where they’ll grab peoples’ attention and get them talking directly to your employees in person.

Pull in More Than Just Clients

The word ‘investors’ may help sway your boss! Client testimonial videos are essentially proof-of-concept videos to potential investors that makes it very loud and clear that your business is a successful and profitable one.

Investors want to see where their money is going, and sending them client testimonial videos will help sway them into opening up their wallets rather than shutting the door.

If all goes well, you’ll be looking to hire a crew soon to shoot your videos. Give Crews Control a call! They’ll send professional crew members your way and help manage all of the details pertaining to the production. Find out more at www.crewscontrol.com.


  1. When the CIO of a major company is about to pull the trigger on an expensive hardware/software turnover hearing from someone else who made the same decision and still kept their job can be very reassuring. The same can be said for all of us, seeing that someone got through the process without any major damage can make a purchase a lot less scary.

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