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Video Shooting Tips in Columbus, Ohio

Posted by Jamie Troll on September 6, 2016

Columbus is not only the fantastic capital of Ohio, but also the 15th largest city in the U.S. There are a number of remarkable companies headquartered here, including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Nationwide, PNC Financial, and the famous Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Kelly Marchal from Merlin Productions gave us some great insight about shooting video in Columbus, Ohio, which we’re happy to share with you:

1. Permits

You don’t usually need a permit to shoot in Columbus, unless you’re planning to shoot with a large setup. In this case, you would need to secure permits for shooting in parks or city streets. Here is a great resource for anyone shooting in Columbus.

2. Traffic and Logistics

Columbus is fairly easy to navigate, but rush hour tends to bring along bad traffic like any other highly populated U.S. city. Luckily, the airport is only about 20 minutes away from downtown. There is no subway or rail service available, but taxis and Uber drivers are plentiful. Football season tends to make navigating around town a challenge, so make sure to plan accordingly.

3. Iconic Skyline

This is what the city is known for. Kelley shared some top-notch advice to follow: “The best shots of the skyline can be achieved from the COSI lot on Washington facing east. It is a better late afternoon and evening shot. Easy access to various vistas can be found all along the Scioto mile.”

4. Weather

The old joke is, “If you don’t like the weather in Ohio just wait 10 min and it will change.” Columbus gets extremely hot in the summer, reaching temperatures in the 90s. It’s not uncommon to see extremely high humidity and thunderstorms rolling in and out. On the other hand, the winter brings sub-zero temperatures with plenty of snowfall.

Sunset in Columbus provides good opportunity for video shooting

There’s plenty of different weather in Columbus, but it’s worth it for incredible views like this.

5. Best Food Spots

Just like the rest of us, Kelley enjoys some good food: “”Columbus is a food town! You can enjoy any type of cuisine your heart desires. Steer clear of the chain restaurants and enjoy some local flavor. Hot spots for food include: The Short North, German Village, Grandview, Dublin, Scioto Mile, Downtown and Easton. If you can avoid staying at the airport try to get a place downtown…it’s the best way to go.”

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