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10 Tips For Your Video Shoot in Miami

Posted by Kim Moseman on August 7, 2017

Miami is the southernmost major city in the continental U.S. While it is a great tourist center because of its beaches and lively atmosphere, there is a lot to consider before shooting in The Magic City.

We talked to Miami locals Sabra Karanian and Larry Williams Jr. about how to make the most of everything Miami has to offer. With some additional assistance from one of our Production Managers, Cricket Capucci, here are ten simple tips you should know before shooting video in Miami:

  1. 1. Weather:

    The first thing you should know is that Miami is HOT, so dress accordingly. “Do not shoot in July and August,” Capucci said. The heat is just unbearable, and there’s also a guarantee for thunderstorms in the afternoons. Be sure to plan a rain date or location.

  2. 2. Transportation

    When on South Beach or Downtown, street parking can be a pain. “If you are shooting in multiple locations, you are better off hiring a driver,” Williams said. Public transportation is not recommended for crews with a lot of equipment.

  3. 3. Miami International Airport:

    This major airport is large and extremely busy. Odds are that you will enter Miami through here. Be prepared for some craziness when you arrive and plan some extra time to navigate through the airport.

  4. 4. Parking:

    “Many busy areas in Miami adhere to the PayByPhone system,” Williams said. You can download an app on your smartphone, enter the location where you are parking, and pay via credit card. This is a fairly convenient method to the madness that is trying to find parking. You will also get an alert when your parking time is about to expire.

  5. 5. Permits:

    When filming in Miami, a permit is required for all media projects taking place on public property, at residential locations, and when city services are required. For more information on permits, click here.

  6. 6. Art Deco District:

    This district is world renowned for its whimsical and unique buildings. These historic structures are painted bright, pastel colors and overlook the beach. This signature location is ideal for B-Roll shots.

  7. 7. Traffic:

    “Traffic can be pretty bad in Miami, particularly rush hour on I-95,” Williams said. “Traffic is at its worst going southbound in the morning and northbound in the afternoon.” Give yourself extra time if you have a rental car.

  8. 8. Lincoln Road:

    This is a great spot for shopping, eating, and getting B-Roll. The outdoor mall has many shops that may come in handy for any crew visiting Miami. Miami

  9. 9. Ocean Drive:

    “Shooting the ‘strip’ is great at golden hour as the sun is setting,” Karanian said. One of the best shots to capture is 8th and Ocean where the famous Colony Hotel and its signature blue neon sign is lit up.”

  10. 10. Food:

    There are plentiful opportunities to enjoy some outstanding food. While you are in Miami, it’s recommended that you enjoy some Cuban cuisine since there is a large Cuban presence in the city. Cuban coffee afterwards is a must and will keep everyone energized. “The food there is phenomenal: an international Mecca of food,” Capucci said.

Looking to shoot with a video crew in Miami? Contact us today!

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