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Is Your Employee Training Lacking this Essential Element?

Posted by Cricket Capucci on May 4, 2018

In the past, most employee training programs have incorporated process manuals, conduct handbooks, policy guidebooks, and flow charts. More modern regimens have also included digital documents and tutorials. But today, the most effective trainings have made use of a single element: video.

After all, video is one of the most “absorbable” media. In other words, employees are more likely to comprehend and retain information communicated to them by video than from printed materials or even in-person presentations. Moreover, video enables that important training information to be distributed and disseminated more efficiently throughout the company.

Educating Your Workforce 

It’s embarrassing to admit, but it’s true: often, employees don’t know how all of its departments work together, and may not even be totally sure of what the company’s product or service is. Very few of them can clearly differentiate their company from the competition or describe precisely how customers utilize what the company offers them.

Video can portray a detailed life cycle and benefit outline of your company’s products or services in an easy-to-understand way. Also, different videos can outline what each division does and how it helps the company achieve its goals—which can break down organizational silos and provide a basis for valuable cross-training opportunities.

Archiving Training Material

In many companies today, employees don’t have the time to truly learn important and timely information they receive—if they receive it at all. For example, new hires must somehow absorb and put to use a vast amount of information they are given during onboarding; similarly, sales personnel may be too busy or unavailable to keep up with the constant barrage of “helpful” material they get from managers and executives.

Not only does video simplify the process of delivering the information to these two groups, but the ability to store these videos in an online library allows employees to access them at their leisure. So the onboarding videos can be re-watched by newly-hired employees if questions arise, and salespeople can view sales enablement content on mobile devices and/or whenever they have a spare moment.

Corporate training videoMaking Training More Efficient

The ability to build and maintain organized, accessible video libraries can streamline training processes for all levels of employees. In addition to letting new hires complete the onboarding process at their desk (or even at home) instead of at frequently-organized meetings and training sessions, these video libraries can also facilitate training for employees who want to be (or have been) promoted to managerial positions.

Furthering Institutional Knowledge

It’s the potential to establish this base of institutional knowledge which is arguably the biggest long-term benefit that video can provide for a company. Few companies become and remain successful without being able to capture this knowledge and pass it on to future employees, managers, and executives.

To this end, archiving certain internal meetings or presentations on video is a way to capture and preserve the wisdom of your current subject matter experts. Video is flexible enough to record these thought leaders at huge conferences, while simple enough to utilize when picking the brain of a longtime CEO or retiring professional to gain his or her insights.

In short, the extensive use of video for training purposes can be a major competitive advantage for any company. Therefore, shouldn’t investing in video be a top priority for your company if you want to succeed (or even exist) in the future?

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