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How Outsourcing Creative Services Improves the Quality of Productions

Posted by Kim Moseman on December 13, 2018

Companies around the globe realize the benefits of outsourcing creative services. A recent study revealed the United States outsourced over 2.4 million jobs since the Great Recession. 57 percent of US companies also increased their use of outsourcing, proving its value to business operations. Yet some corporations still doubt the power of outsourcing. Here are seven ways outsourcing creative services improves the quality of your corporate video productions.

Hiring and Management Expertise

When you outsource, you get the advantage of working with industry experts who are familiar with the complete production process. Outsourcing gives you access to all types of creative talent to find the right team for any kind of video production. Matches between producers and freelancers are made based on a corporate video producer’s requests and preferences for a specific project. If a shoot needs to be done in a unique or different way, the right freelancer that can offer exactly what you’re looking for can be called it. You’ll find talent with the specific expertise and shooting style for the project. This team has all the know-how and equipment to hit the ground running.

Get a Fresh Perspective

Working with an in-house creative employee means you only get his or her limited view of the world. Even large companies with a small creative team discover their ideas and approaches become predictable. Outsourcing gives you a chance to expand and experiment on more resources and ideas. The output reflects a diverse view of the marketplace for a fresh perspective. Viewers want new, innovative content that speaks to the concerns they have today rather than the same old thoughts of yesterday. An experienced creative team knows how to communicate through video and come up with other ideas than an in-house team.headway 566297 unsplash creative services

Gain Access to More Capabilities

Video production crews create corporate videos for a living. Unlike part-time employees or a single worker, they have ongoing exposure to a wide range of productions. As a result, their capabilities are broad and reflect current global business practices. Seasoned crews are fast and well-organized. They know how to set up for production sessions, manage shoot schedules and troubleshoot, so issues never waste your valuable time and money. Video experts have access to cutting-edge tools, software and equipment, and they shoot videos in a professional studio. Plus, they have post-production experts who know how to improve the video for the highest levels of professionalism and performance.

Reduce Overall Costs

Outsourcing creative services means paying for the work specifically required to complete the project. Hiring a full-time employee requires paying for a salary and benefits package for an extended period. Hiring a full-time employee also involves spending time and money on training and development. Then companies often need to improve the salary and benefits package they offered originally to retain an employee.  These costs don’t happen when a producer works with a freelancer. Plus, there is no original capital expenditure required for equipment and modern technologies. The outsourced crew already has everything they need.

Superior Collaboration

Collaboration is a crucial element of creating a unique corporate video with a compelling message. A producer needs to reflect the message of a company and ensure the content achieves their goals. Instead of spending a lot of time formulating updated concepts, an outside crew brings their own. Collaboration brings fresh ideas to the table and can expand connections and opportunities. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to build bridges and connect with other businesses through the common factor of a freelancer.  Outsourcing creative services provides a golden opportunity for collaboration, to expand the “big picture”, increase corporate connections and produce a video that delivers a memorable message.

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Drive Broader Change

You may be familiar with the saying, “the only constant is change.” This message is particularly on-point when it comes to marketing campaigns. One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing creative services is the opportunity to drive broader change. Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey revealed 17 percent of companies outsource services to help drive more widespread transformational change. An additional 78 percent of companies feel positive about their relationship with the companies they have outsourced to. It is clear organizations lift themselves from the constraints of stagnation when they branch out by outsourcing.

Remain Ahead of the Curve

Global revenue has nearly doubled since the advent of outsourcing, reaching 88.9 billion in 2015 from a market size of 45.6 billion in 2000. Outsourcing puts resources at a producer’s fingertips. You can work with top talent and get international footage without the traveling and related costs. Outsourcing ensures you can stay on top of the latest trends to remain competitive in a continually evolving online marketplace. Avoid being left behind, as trying to catch up can be incredibly difficult. A vetted crew relieves the pressures producers feel to always stay ahead of the curve – and the competition. This includes the use of various media, such as animation, motion graphics, dramatic voice-overs, and 3D technology.

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