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How Outsourcing Video Will Streamline Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted by Valerie Nolan on January 29, 2019

It’s no secret that video is one of the single most important aspects of any company’s digital marketing strategy. Video is generally one of the most popular mediums for consuming content, and it’s expected for that trend to only continue to increase. Especially given that most individuals are faced with multiple screens, from multiple devices, throughout most of the day. Whether it’s through social media, streaming platforms, or just general device integration, video is more accessible today than ever before.

And no matter your industry, it’s important that your video marketing can cut through the noise and stand out. That can create a lot of pressure for your digital presence. Marketing is a major part of running any successful company, but it shouldn’t be the only part. Consider the effect that outsourcing your video content to a professional production company would have in streamlining your digital marketing strategy.

Always Work With the Best Talent

There’s no doubt you should be able to trust the team you’ve put together at your company. But not every business has the infrastructure to support a large, dynamic marketing team. More than likely you have one or two people handling the majority of your marketing efforts. And that includes everything. Video and photo content are just a part of a long list of marketing duties that includes everything from social media monitoring, to blogging, email newsletters, web updates, and not to mention any print efforts.

Production set up with cameras, lighting and backdrop.

With a digital marketing strategy stretched to its limits, quality is bound to take a hit somewhere. But it shouldn’t happen with your videos. By outsourcing your video production needs, you’re guaranteed to always work with the best talent. After all, a professional video production company is just that: professional. It’s their main job to be the best at what they do and they’ll have a singular task in carrying out your vision for specific content.

Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of working with professionals who are always at the cutting edge of their field. Your video content will be in line with the latest trends, ensuring the best chance to have the most online traction. Staying ahead of the curve is a top priority for any digital marketing strategy, why not take some of the pressure off yourself in that department?

Get Outside Insight

With so many aspects to running a successful business, it can be easy to get in your own head and lose sight of the big picture. By outsourcing your video production, you’re also bringing in a fresh set of eyes to your overall digital marketing strategy. You’ll be more aware of any blind spots and you’ll have less tunnel vision when it comes to your brand identity, voice, and creative direction.

For any kind of creative endeavor, new perspectives and different talents are always welcome. Maybe all of your videos are starting to look the same and you need to shake things up and add some new inspiration. You may never even realize that by staying in the comfort zone too long, you’re actually hurting your long-term goals. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to step in and notice something new and completely different.

Improve Quality, Without Forcing Quantity

With an in-house team, there’s always inherent pressure for more output. If it’s within budget and the company is already paying for it, then generally more content should be pushed out. But if what is going out is not of a consistent quality, that will affect your brand image in the long term.

Instead, use an outsourced video production team only when you need to. You’ll be able to better plan and schedule video projects throughout the year, without having to worry about how to pigeonhole them into your larger, longterm digital marketing strategy. And your projects will maintain a consistent high quality, while saving your company more money in the long term.

Costs Stay Consistent

Granted, cost will definitely be a factor in how you choose what outside company to use for your video production needs. But after you work with an outside production agency once, those costs should stay consistent, depending on your project scope. At the very least you’ll know what you’re getting into from project to project. But your costs should still be lower since you won’t be paying a team full time, even when there are no shoots or videos planned in the near future.

Bearded man holding camera set up.

Furthermore, your return on investment should only increase. The initial cost upfront (which may actually be lower than what you would budget for an in-house team), will payoff in the form of better videos, more effective brand building, consistent marketing, and continual company growth.

Access to Better Equipment, Software, and New Locations

Forget about having to spend money on better cameras, replacing broken lenses, upgrading editing softwares and computer hardware. By outsourcing your video production needs, you can count on a professional company to have everything covered.

Looking for that 360-degree video shot? Or in need of a documentary-style approach? Trust that a professional crew will have all of the latest technology to modernize your shoot, without adding the added headache of adding on to your company’s overhead costs.

With an outsourced crew, you’re also not limited to strictly shooting in the area where your business is headquartered. Are you set up in Cincinnati in the dead of winter but looking to shoot out west on the beach? No problem. And you won’t have to worry about the added travel expenses of sending your own team.

The point is, planning your digital marketing strategy should be a fun and exciting opportunity for your company to push its limits and aim high for the year ahead. And expanding the role of video can be an extremely effective way to foster growth. Avoid the stress that comes with trying to do it all on your own, and focus on what you do best: planning out the creative goals that will take your business to the next level. Outsource your video production and let an external crew execute your vision to perfection.

So, ready to take the leap and execute the digital marketing strategy of your dreams? Let Crews Control connect you with the right production team for your project, no matter where you are. Reach out today for your free quote. You’ll always have the best crew for your company’s vision.

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