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Industry Spotlight: 7 Great Videos from Pharmaceutical Companies

Posted by Debbie Camper on February 4, 2019

Many modern, successful companies have positioned a large portion of their advertising and branding in video– for good reason. Video continues to grow as the primary means to effectively communicate with the largest number of people. Multiple devices and mobile platforms make watching and sharing video easier than ever. But it can still be difficult for specific industries to navigate how to best position themselves for growth and success in terms of using videos. For instance, the way pharmaceutical companies approach video content might differ greatly from a clothing line.

Generally speaking, the factors and techniques that make any video a “good” video usually carry over no matter the genre. But for pharmaceutical companies, it’s the creativity in their videos that make these products and messages more accessible through video. With that said, let’s take a look at some recent examples of pharmaceutical companies successfully producing great video content and dig into exactly what makes them work.

1. Zyrtec

Thirty seconds isn’t necessarily an ideal timeframe to communicate everything you need to say. However it’s a standard length for many video ads. And yet, with its “Muddle Shop” campaign, Zyrtec has created a series of short, humorous videos to show a lighter side to treating allergy issues. It’s shot with likable characters and it’s creatively framed with the premise of an old-school home improvement style television show, complete with a laugh track. When done successfully, comedic videos can become instantly memorable and therefore more easily shared. Plus the set-up of multiple installments makes it more likely that viewers would want to see more, even though the message is for allergy medication.

2. Merck

McCann Health London created this short film to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Merck, one of the first treatments for Multiple Sclerosis. At first glance, you wouldn’t know right away this is about a medication. However, the emotional storyline and the way it beautifully mirrors the moments and milestones that can make up a lifetime draw the viewer in. This is almost to the point where it doesn’t matter that there’s a product behind it. In this sense the video transcends any kind of sales gimmicks in favor of a cinematic flair that projects a company that has integrity and empathy.

3. Rhinocort

On the lighter side of things, Australia’s Rhinocort allergy nasal spray ad goes the animation route. Playing on its own name with an actual Rhino character is a nice touch, one that not every company will be able to replicate. However, using animation and very unique, distinct visuals can make an ad very memorable. And the introduction of company characters can really boost branding efforts elsewhere. Look at the Geico Gecko, who has become a mascot of sorts for the company and one of the most recognizable animations across any genre.

4. Chantix

Usually, talking head videos or testimonial videos are a common type of ad as well. But when that talking head is a very recognizable celebrity, it can be very effective. This Chantix spot hits a lot of the same beats that are easily associated with pharmaceutical company ads: single-camera interviews, product shots, and plenty of b-roll showing how much the treatment has improved the subject’s quality of life.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. A trend is a trend because it works. In this case the subject fits the product perfectly. Most viewers familiar with Ray Liotta’s work associate his characters with smoking. So his endorsement of a product that helped him quit becomes that much more powerful.

5. Careers at Pfizer

As you probably noticed, the majority of videos on this list are advertisements for products that pharmaceutical companies provide. However, this video from Pfizer breathes a little more life into the more general corporate communications. Rather than the old, boring company training videos, Pfizer uses snappy, modern editing to sell the lifestyle associated with being an employee of its company.

Catered towards potential new employees or applicants, it’s effective because it dispels any preconceived notions about what types of cities and companies provide exciting, fulfilling careers. No matter what you may or may not know about the company, it’s hard to deny that the video effectively communicates the appeal of working there.

6. Vicks DayQuil

This Vicks campaign is another great example of using humor to make videos more entertaining and memorable. And though this particular ad has seen a few iterations, unlike the Zyrtec spots it’s not necessarily a cohesive “series.” Rather than humorously pushing the product in a round-about way, Vicks opts to show the product in use by recreating realistic, inopportune situations in which a cold could strike. Though it’s not quite an unboxing video, it accomplishes the same goal in that you know exactly what the product is intended to do. And the best part about this particular campaign is that it hilariously does so in just 15 seconds.

7. Advil PM

No matter the product or industry, even advertisements can display a unique sense of artistry. This Tylenol PM ad frames restless nights rolling around in bed as an uncomfortable waltz. The overhead shots, edited in near stop-motion to illustrate the passing of time over multiple evenings, create a frenzied, compelling viewing experience. It’s different and interesting, and certainly lends itself to aspects of using engaging content when building a brand. New video projects don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box either. A fresh, off the wall approach may be just what you need to spark your company’s other creative marketing goals.

The Takeaway

No two industries are alike, and there’s endless nuance between companies within specific industries. No matter your company’s position, video offers the unique opportunity to engage creatively with an audience and draw them in. The production techniques that work well in any video form tend to translate across industries. And that goes for pharmaceutical company videos as well. However, in the pharmacy industry, it’s also the trends that subvert expectations. Maybe you forget for a moment that you’re watching an ad for an allergy treatment medication, until by the end it magically clicks. That’s the power of compelling video content.

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