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Industry Spotlight: Buckle Up for the 5 Best Transportation Videos

Posted by Debbie Camper on September 13, 2019

It’s hard for companies to really gain ground in today’s media landscape without some sort of video presence. Video is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. So much so that every industry is finding a way to leverage their brand across digital channels, and transportation videos are just another example.

“Transportation” can be a vague term, however. For our list, we took a look at some of the biggest national companies in the courier and rideshare space and how they’re using branded video content to tell interesting stories about their company or service. But that’s not to say that the same principals couldn’t be used for local, municipals looking to market public transportation, or any transportation and logistics companies operating on a smaller scale.

And for many of these examples, transportation is simply the vehicle (pun intended!) to deliver interesting and inspirational stories.

1. FedEx Captures (and Transports!) Hearts

This great spot from FedEx shows the journey of a small piece of equipment for heart surgery from a lab, all the way to the medical center. In just thirty seconds, we get to see the vast impact a company like FedEx can have at “delivering miracles.” The drama peaks when we learn that the package is intended to perform a successful surgery on a newborn baby.

It’s a clever bit of dramatic storytelling that helps to show just a sliver of what FedEx does as a business. The most effective aspect of the editing in this case is the use of the heartbeat in the audio. It helps to pace the video and adds a sense of excitement as it builds in speed.

Think about the service your business provides. What’s one aspect you can focus in on to tell an impactful story like the one above? Even if it’s not directly biographical, it doesn’t change the fact that it happens to some degree on a regular basis.

2. A Clean How-To from Uber

Some recent headlines have brought up concerns for the safety of users on certain rideshare apps. They have become such a normal, almost mundane part of our lives over the last decade, that it’s wise for a company like Uber to continue to innovate and educate with video.

The above video uses fun, poppy text animations as well as a phone screen display to directly explain how to use a specific feature of the app. This video is great because it is extremely useful and easy to follow, without having to skip past any fluff or extra, unneeded scenes.

If your company involves an app, or any kind of user interface, it might be useful to produce a series of “how-tos” for different features and any troubleshooting.

3. Greyhound “Goes Far”

Is there anything better than a road trip? With its slogan, “You don’t have to go far, to go far,” Greyhound pushes the charm and adventure of traveling the old school way. And at just 15 seconds long (with over 2 million views!), this style of video works great for social shares on Instagram or Twitter.

The editing gives viewers just enough. A quick shot of the side of a greyhound bus followed by barbecues and pool jumps. A drive by of some streetlights followed by the next fun, cool destination. A lot of what’s used here is b-roll footage anyways, since we barely get a look at an actual bus.

But it works. Find a fun tagline that captures the crux of your organization. You might be surprised at the video content you can build around it.

4. UPS Experiments with Long Form Video

With the insane popularity of podcasts, it’s no surprise to see brands getting in on the action. The newer UPS long form video series “Unpacking Small Business” almost acts like its own industry podcast or mini-documentary/interview. The concept is to send the UPS VP of Global Marketing to meet with and talk to successful small business owners.

It makes sense in this context, as the business getting the spotlight is an e-commerce store that ships most of its products to customers. But it highlights an interesting concept for video and brand building.

Does your company have a charismatic leader or someone in the organization who can become a regular face in your videos? Think about their own strengths and how you might leverage them for video content. In this case, there’s certainly a foot in UPS’ core business in shipping. But it’s also the chance to highlight an interesting person and business in a creative way.

The lesson: don’t get too caught up on the bottom line of “selling” your business through video. Don’t be afraid to pursue it something because it might be interesting and offer a new perspective to your brand voice.

5. Lyft Spotlights Immigrant Stories

Our final highlight comes from the rideshare app Lyft, who takes a really fun, powerful approach to storytelling with their video series “America is an Idea, Not a Geography.” The concept is simple enough, per the company:

America is a nation of immigrants, founded on the idea of freedom and opportunity. This idea is brought to life by our drivers — many of whom are immigrants and/or identify as first-generation Americans. These are some of their stories.

This particular video tells the story of one driver named Shervin and his love for all things 80s, while juxtaposing it with his heritage and how different the 80s are perceived culturally between America and his native Iran. The music and aesthetics keep it fun and entertaining, but the voiceover (and the story itself) help keep the narrative grounded in something more powerful.

Think about your employees or even your customers. Who are they? What are their stories? You may find taking the time to explore those stories may tell you more about the fabric of your own organization, and can make for pretty amazing video content!

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the best way to figure out an approach to your video content is taking a closer look at your own company. Having a firm grasp on your products and services, who they affect and how, can really change the way you approach how to better communicate your brand.

And it may give you the insight you need to creatively change perspectives and find a fun, innovative way to create new video content. Most of the above concepts aren’t new. But their execution in using animation, great sound editing, choice of b-roll footage, and experimentation with long form video make them worth highlighting. Hopefully, you’ve seen something you can apply to your own brand!

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