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Industry Spotlight: 6 Awesome Tech Videos to Inspire Your Brand

Posted by Deb Nicharot on August 13, 2019

No matter what industry your business falls under, it’s important to produce quality video content on a regular basis. And given how crucial it is for tech companies to appear as innovative as possible, tech videos in particular need to stand out to audiences.

But in a landscape as crowded as the tech and start-up realm, it can be difficult to know exactly how to leverage your brand for the best performance. However, look no further than these trendy productions from some of the top tech companies in the world.

1. Apple Masters the Short Narrative

Along with the company’s obvious innovations in technology, Apple has also always taken a unique approach to its marketing. The audio editing in the clip above is particularly unique. The “ding” of the incoming text message is now one of the most recognizable sounds on the planet. And the contrast with the sounds of nature makes it immediately stand out.

Additionally, despite the lack of any dialogue, the spot tells a very clear, short narrative. A man is sleeping, he receives a text, and chooses to ignore it to continue sleeping. Cue the “oh yeah” funky music. It’s a slick, fun way to show the everyday functionality of a new feature.

Think about what makes your product or service unique. Now ask yourself how you can best show your audience how and why your product or service is different and exciting without actually saying it. Find that everyday functionality for yourself.

2. Cisco Keeps it Simple

Cisco often uses punchy editing and epic voice overs in a lot of their video content. And that’s not really a critique. The company has managed to take that very specific style and make it synonymous with their brand’s digital identity.

Production-wise, the video essentially takes all of its visual cues from the script. The phrase “see a doctor” is paired with modern medical devices, “grow food” shows us a field full of crops. It’s a savvy way to keep our attention by quickly putting those images with the corresponding phrases before cutting away again.

An interesting point to make here is that a video like this can be made by almost any company, no matter your size or budget. A vast majority of the footage here seems like random b-roll, most of which doesn’t even show a Cisco product.

And yet the strong narrative voice, the music that increases in speed, and the sourced footage all work really well to build enough momentum to hold our attention for almost a minute and a half (no small feat!).

3. Facebook Makes Social Media Social Again

The Facebook video takes a similar approach to Cisco with its editing and production process. Especially the quick cuts, random footage, and fast-paced, drum-heavy music. However there are a few key conceptual differences.

For one, the clear lack of voice over means your viewer must read all of the text that’s overlaid. And the few voices that are used are never heard for more than a few seconds. But they help to paint a picture of diversity for who is using this particular service.

Now, regardless of how you feel about Facebook or social media in general, there’s an interesting lesson to learn here. We know that Facebook’s service is an entirely digital experience. Users mostly communicate via photos, video, and written texts from behind a keyboard. And yet, this video helps to portray a strong sense of community and exciting, active lifestyles.

Now, your customer communication should never be dishonest. But it’s important, especially in tech, to connect products and services to tangible experiences which results in your brand voice being carried so much further.

4. Microsoft Adds a Web Series

Microsoft does something really interesting with its relatively new web series, “Microsoft Unboxed.” And it could very well provide some inspiration for companies looking to take more of an active role in their customer engagement.

For one, none of the videos in this series are really ideal for television spots or even social media ads. At a little over ten minutes long, which is pretty average for this series, the videos easily fall into the long-form category.

While it’s growing in its popularity, long-form video can pose potential challenges. It’s pretty clever that Microsoft is leaning into some of the more recent Youtube trends like unboxing videos by literally creating a talk show centered around unboxing its own products.

Don’t always look to fit into certain niches for what video content think your company should be producing. Sometimes different is better, especially when it means giving your brand more room to flourish.

5. A Spotify Short

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Spotify shows us exactly how keeping things short and sweet almost never fails to deliver. It’s a simple concept around a simple message: “Music for every mood.”

And through that phrase, there are a number of installments in this series. It wisely plays on popular choruses and puts its characters in humorous situations.

And think about the versatility here. You could watch it while scrolling through Instagram. It might appear as a quick ad before you stream your favorite show. Maybe it even autoplays on a landing page.

No matter what, though, you’ll probably watch the whole thing. And you’ll definitely have that song stuck in your head, too. Try to find that ear worm opportunity for yourself and you’ll gain some new eyes on your business.

6. Adobe Brings Animation to Life

And we’re back with another edition of large, innovative tech companies using quick cuts, fast, drum-heavy music and motion graphic texts to deliver an edgy, “modern” message. But guess what? It still works wonders in this situation.

Adobe is such a visual brand in terms of its products. Literally. Adobe Creative Suite is most often used by artists, photographers, illustrators, animators, and more. And this spot wisely not only shows us the product in action, but a vast array of on screen animation and motion graphics.

The vivid colors and creative motion help bring excitement to the video. And it really helps paint the picture of Adobe as a hyper creative brand whose tools are integral to being the best in your profession.

It’s a video concept that inspires energy and action, something any brand can learn a lesson from.

Final Thoughts

If you noticed, there were three videos that had similar set ups and structures. Yet each one was still uniquely suited to communicate that brand’s vision and message in a way that made them each stand out on their own. Sometimes a trend is a trend for a reason, as proven structure can lead to expected results.

And yet, a little left turn here and there always yields a fresh approach. And sometimes to stand out in tech, that’s really what it takes to get to the next level. Think about your brand and what you want to say. Narrowing down your message can help point you in the right direction of your next great video concept.

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