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Industry Spotlight: 5 Healthcare Videos that Innovate and Inspire

Posted by Debbie Camper on June 23, 2019

Most successful companies today have positioned a majority of their marketing and branding efforts in video, and that’s no different for the healthcare industry. Like other industries, healthcare videos vary in their approach, but they exist in a unique place as far as the marketing landscape goes.

It makes sense that most companies now rely on video to connect with a larger audience. Whether it be through television, Youtube, or social media targeted ad campaigns. But there are some consistent themes that tend to pop up with healthcare videos.

One of which, maybe unsurprisingly, is a focus on wellness. Healthcare is a serious part of everyone’s lives. Most companies want to give off the impression that they’re not only trustworthy, but are compassionate and care about making a difference.

But that doesn’t mean they lack variation or innovation. Just because companies within a certain industry have the same goals in mind, that doesn’t mean everyone reaches or even accomplishes them in the same way.

Let’s take a closer look at how some of the biggest companies in healthcare are approaching their video production.

1. Mayo Clinic

Here, Mayo Clinic opts for a more narrative approach. At almost four minutes in length, it plays like a short movie. There are overhead shots and closeups that take on a more cinematic feel. The characters are well-written and feel “real.” And since they’re the main subjects, they really help to drive the video forward and hold our attention.

The music and the quiet, serious scenes, help to set the tone that there may be something more significant happening. It’s important to note that we don’t actually see that this is a Mayo Clinic ad until the very end.

The storyline helps to paint the realistic picture that potential health issues can have an effect on individuals and families. But it also positions Mayo Clinic as a place of hope (at the end of the video), and a place for answers.

2. Johnson & Johnson

Rather than having a specific message or product in mind to promote, Johnson & Johnson instead opts to showcase the healthcare industry at large. In many ways, it’s an ode to not only their company’s role in medical history, but to medical practitioners around the world.

The video accomplishes this in a few ways. It moves quickly and covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. The calm voice over carries the powerful message across, but the shot variation really conveys what the words can’t show. While the shots seem to vary greatly in subject, they’re deliberate in their power and in the message that they convey.

We see doctors helping children and b-roll montages of happy, healthy people. A slow piano beat builds as the footage moves more quickly. The choice to have the final video in black and white also lends itself to be taken more serious, particularly in the historic context it places itself in.

But sometimes, the opposite approach can have a powerful effect as well.

3. CVS Health

Similar to the Johnson & Johnson ad, the CVS video above also utilizes quick-changing shot variations and a voice over to deliver its message. However, this voice is much more casual. Audio from the video subjects can also be heard (mostly laughing and deep breathing) which communicates a positive sense of calm.

It’s fitting for a campaign that calls itself “Treat Yourself Well.” The color pallet is bright, and the bouncy, fun soundtrack moves the video along. Healthcare should be something audiences feel positive about, so creating a fun video with an optimistic tagline makes a lot of sense in building that sort of brand association.

4. New York Presbyterian Hospital

Any business in any industry relies on reviews from customers. And while your doctor might not ask you to rate their practice on Yelp, the same principles can be utilized in crafting an approach to video production.

New York Presbyterian went that route for their “Amazing Things Happen Here” series. The videos are shot like mini, 30-second documentaries (again, notably, in black and white). The subjects, whom we presume are real patients, simply tell their stories.

A very small amount of text is utilized to give context, but most of the power lies in the single camera shots and close ups, as well as the right speaker. Actors are great, but real people with real experiences will always have more power. Especially in an industry like healthcare that relies on building authentic trust.

5. Kaiser Permanente

Again a narrative, more cinematic approach can really go a long way in your video production. And a little star-power never hurt anyone.

The Kaiser Permanente video above chronicles the entire career of NBA star Stephen Curry from childhood, through college, culminating in his time as a champion. The video is extremely stylish, serving the purpose of mental health promotion. While the messaging may not be made clear until the end, the way in which its shot (and of course its very relevant star) will hold audience attention.

There’s a lot to like here. The way the camera moves between each scene that takes the audience further into the future. The way the music and slow motion build to the climactic point. Even how the voice over changes from scene to scene based on Curry’s perceived age add layers of depth to the production.

Your company might not have the budget to hire a two-time NBA most valuable player. And that’s okay. There’s still something important to be learned here. And it’s how popular culture can be utilized as a vehicle to communicate powerful messages.

The Takeaway

Most healthcare videos strive to create a sense of hope, comfort, and trust. And while that may hold true as an industry standard, there’s still plenty of nuance between companies and their approaches to video and marketing.

No matter what industry your company’s in, don’t settle for the status quo. Take the opportunity to subvert expectations. Experiment with styles that might better represent your brand goals and voice, without shorting on your communication objectives, or the industry hallmarks that make them more effective.

Make your audience forget they’re watching a branded video in the first place. In that you’ll find it’s much easier to build trust and brand loyalty.

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