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5 Ways to Generate Brand Loyalty in Your Videos

Posted by Ashley Brook on May 15, 2019

Owning a business in the digital age comes with its own set of unique challenges. So much of a company’s growth now relies heavily on the effectiveness of its brand building ability. Yet a brand can check all of the proverbial boxes and still lack the type of brand loyalty that leads to long term sustainability.

You’ve got the best of yourself out there. A stunning logo, sharp brand colors, a witty social media voice. But those aspects of branding are meaningless without building trust and loyalty with an audience. Part of effective brand building includes utilizing the right tools. And not only that- but using them effectively.

Video is one of the most popular tools a brand has at its disposal. Especially now, at a time when video is easier than ever to produce, and it’s more accessible to more people across a vast array of web experiences. But how exactly can it be used to build brand loyalty?

1. Increase Brand Awareness with Video

Simply put, video is one of the most popular forms of media people are consuming. And the trend is likely to keep growing. Consider the staggering amount of online video content most people come across on a daily basis. From computers, to television streams, and social media platforms, it’s simply a market businesses can’t afford to skip out on.

What’s more: people want video. More specifically, 54% of consumers want to see more video from brands they support (via Hubspot). Creating video content can help reinforce that brand loyalty through simple consistency. Regularly producing video across multiple platforms helps build your brand awareness, meaning more people will organically interact with your company.

Rooftop video shoot to generate brand loyalty.

2. Make Videos with Value

However it’s not enough to simply check the box of video production. Your brand can produce great video content every week, but if it doesn’t bring any value to the viewer it might do more harm than good. Value can come in many forms. Even entertainment in the form of a really good laugh is valuable.

Think of video as a resource for your audience. Consider utilizing video to:

  • Create powerful how-to guides or training opportunities related to your products or services.
  • Livestream an exciting, exclusive event your brand is promoting or taking part in.
  • Share your brand’s story, or give your audience more access “behind the curtain.”

The end goal of any video production is creating an experience that people actually want to see. The same principle should apply to any videos your brand is producing – no matter the scale or platform. That kind of value will help build brand loyalty for the long haul.

3. Create a Positive Brand Association

It might go without saying, but any videos associated with your brand should always promote a positive image. Videos that leave viewers feeling entertained, inspired, or hopeful lead to associating those same feelings towards your brand.

Now, that doesn’t mean that every video needs to force a happy tone to create a positive association. It’s more about establishing an authentic emotional connection with your audience.

Think about the context your audience may experience a video. Are you utilizing a tool like IGTV? Make sure it’s in the proper format and has a hook in the first 30 seconds to prompt a viewer to continue. Is it embedded on a landing page? Makes sure it’s relevant to other content on the page.

Building loyalty starts with creating trust. And trust starts with a first impression. Any content your brand puts out will lead to an impression. As one of the most powerful vehicles of storytelling, video has the capacity to make great impressions that lead to trust and long-term loyalty.

Generate positive brand loyalty with video production.

4. Engage Directly with Your Audience

One of the biggest advantages modern brands have is the ability to communicate directly with their audience. Through social media, and the internet in general, brands can engage with their customers more easily across more platforms in an instant. And any video content can reflect that same type of access and connection.

Approach video production as a collaboration between your brand and your audience. For example:

  • Host live Q&A sessions with brand leaders or ambassadors.
  • Directly ask what kind of content your audience is looking for.
  • Encourage some form of participation behind a specific video campaign.

Brand loyalty also stems from a sense of community. Brands can directly control and foster the type of community they create, specifically through video.

5. Tell Powerful Stories

At its core, brand building is about storytelling. It’s the narrative you create behind your company that not only informs mission and core values, it drives every piece of content you create. And that narrative should be reflected in any video content.

Utilize the same concepts of powerful storytelling in any type of videos your company produces. Again: every video should have a point, otherwise, why would someone want to watch it? Some creative ways to approach storytelling in video might include:

  • Telling “real” stories about customers that have been impacted by your products or services.
  • Illustrate a problem that your brand is working to solve, and drive action through narrative.
  • Entertain and inspire through cinematic approaches to video like animation or elaborate set pieces.

The right narrative in your videos will echo and reinforce those core values. If they resonate with a viewer, that might lead them to explore more about your brand. And ultimately build loyalty.

Increase Your Brand Loyalty: Start Your Content Overhaul Today!

It can be confusing to know how to navigate industry marketing in the digital age. Particularly when it comes to building a brand that not only stands out from the crowd, but drives enough engagement to create a loyal following. The proper implementation of video across a brand’s channels can make a world of difference in not only growing an audience, but creating that real connection, trust, and loyalty.

Understand that it takes time to authentically build that relationship. Take your time and create the right external communications plan that will set your video production in line with your brand values. From there, you’ll need the right crew to truly execute your vision.

At Crews Control, we have over 30 years of experience and can help you shoot your dream project to take your brand building to the next level. From first cut to the final edits, you’ll work with the best local crews that will help you execute your next branded content video project every step of the way. And with the right video content in place, you’ll establish connections that lead to long term growth and brand loyalty. Don’t wait, get your free quote today!

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