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Industry Spotlight: 6 Inspiring Brand Marketing Videos in Retail

Posted by Deb Nicharot on May 22, 2019

Every industry has a different approach to brand marketing. There’s no exact plan that will guarantee success for any company. But there’s at least one factor that has affected the way in which brands choose to market themselves: the rise of video.

These days, video content is king. In the age of multiple screens, social media platforms, constant connection, and endless devices to watch, it’s more important now than ever that companies produce video content that stands out from the crowd.

And just like any other industry, companies in the retail industry can and should leverage video content to effectively tell their story, build their brand, and draw in more customers. From big budget productions to creative DIY self-help series, here are six inspiring brand marketing videos in the retail industry.

1. Walmart

Walmart swings big in the budget department with its “Famous Cars” spot. This ad is in place to showcase the store’s grocery pick-up option, and utilizes a cinematic approach with famous vehicles from film and television history to illustrate it in an entertaining way. Even if you’re not a big pop culture junkie, you’re bound to recognize something. Whether it’s the famous Jeep from Jurassic Park, the Batmobile, or Scooby-Doo’s “Mystery Machine” brought to life, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Granted, Walmart is one of the biggest companies in the world. They have the budget to not only license the use of those characters, but also the resources to film and make it look like more like a feature film in post production. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to learn. Pop culture references can go a long way. They help connect your brand beyond a simple product or service, and provide a means to create real customer connection.

2. Costco

We’ve previously covered the power that short videos can carry if produced correctly, especially in the social media age. A shorter length ensures more views from start to finish and allows for simple, easy sharing on pretty much any social media platform. At 15 seconds, the above Costco clip easily fits within the video lengths set for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook timelines.

It works when the message is simple, too. Above, Costco is simply showing the other services its physical locations offer. From home, business, to automotive services, the clip successfully portrays Costco as much more than a wholesale warehouse.

Part of the challenge lies in effectively communicating a brand or campaign message within that tight 15 second window. Most of that will come in pre-production with the right storyboard and script. But the good news is that once your brand or campaign sets a particular formula or story theme, it’s much easier to produce multiple, shorter videos at a fast rate.

3. The Home Depot

The Home Depot does a really great job of leveraging its brand identity with a very specific type of video/web content. Average consumers know that retail hardware stores like the Home Depot sell tools. So what other resources can a brand utilize to add new layers to how they’re perceived? For the Home Depot, it comes in the form of training videos and DIY how-to’s to show customers not only the best tools for a given job, but how to use them.

The video composition is effective for a few reasons. There’s a nice mix of still shots and action shots, with a clear focus on informing. The overhead shots in particular work really well. Additionally, the overlaid graphics pair with the roughly 2 minute length, making it possible for viewers to not only receive information quickly, but without a need for audio.

4. Apple

Sometimes less is more. Apple is one of the original masters in modern minimalism, and their approach to video here is no different. The majority of this video is captured with one single camera shot with zero dialogue. We hear the easily recognizable sound of a series of text messages being received mixed with uncontrollable laughter. Audio is a key element for this particular video.

They then reveal that the person laughing hysterically is in a quiet, public setting and the fact that we never see what was so funny is a clever, subtle way to deliver the intended message about Apple’s user security. What’s the lesson here? It’s always more powerful to show rather than tell. Be creative in the way you deliver brand messages and illustrate key products, services, or features.

5. Target

As far as Target ads go, the above is pretty on-brand. The bright, powerful colors set an interesting, exciting tone that pairs perfectly with the music. The stylish editing and constant motion add a sense of fun urgency to the messaging. Which is simply that Target has you covered for pretty much any of your needs: from food, fashion, work, and play.

However you approach your next video campaign, it should always be true to your core brand messaging. It’s easy to try to hop on trends and see quick success, but that can lead to inconsistencies with how audiences perceive your brand. Instead, use your company’s values and overall digital marketing strategy to dictate the way you communicate. From there it should be much easier to work within the same visual branding elements while remaining creative and innovative.

6. Amazon Prime

It seems strange that a completely digital brand like Amazon would utilize video on a scale like the above clip. Especially given the constant presence of the company in our everyday lives. But that simply illustrates how powerful and important video is as a digital commodity.

Narrative will always be a pivotal element in video production. In many ways, it’s the most important part. It guides the general direction of what you’re trying to communicate and it gives the viewer something to grasp onto. In this particular video, it’s as simple as having a day dream about a leather jacket while shopping for leather jackets on Amazon. It uses humor as a tool to show the ease and convenience of the service and tells a very brief story in the process.

For organizations that don’t have a specific, tangible product, conceptualizing videos can be challenging. Instead, think about the customer or user experience when it comes to your brand and the services it provides. What does their journey look like? How can it be told in a fun, unique way? What would that look like in a 30 – 60 second video? These are the questions you should ask when you’re feeling creatively stuck.

The Wrap

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration when it comes to creative projects. Especially with video, when it can be so challenging to stand out from the crowd while maintaining a high level of authenticity. Take a cue from some of the above projects. Elements like strong narrative, bold animations, and fresh approaches to DIY videos make these retail companies more accessible to a digital audience.

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