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5 Youtube Video Trends All Brands Should Follow

Posted by Ashley Brook on March 22, 2019

In the culture of today’s digital media consumers, content is king. Video content in particular is highly valuable and of any platform used to watch videos, Youtube towers over the competition. In order for brands to grow and succeed, understanding successful styles and Youtube video trends is an important aspect to a digital marketing and communications plan.

Take for example that Youtube is the second most visited website globally. 30 million people visit Youtube every single day, consuming 5 billion videos. With that in mind, utilizing Youtube’s reach can be a huge advantage for growing brands.

With upwards of 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute, it can be hard to stand out from the sheer amount of content. Here are 5 current top Youtube video trends for brands to consider trying to better position themselves to a larger audience. 

1. Shopping and Haul Videos

While it’s not necessarily a newer trend, haul videos are increasingly popular in the last few years, with some of the top-trending videos in this category pushing hundreds of thousands to millions of views. Haul videos are also a growing area for new influencers to emerge on the platform.

Open shop for haul youtube video trend.

A haul video is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A person records themselves either shopping or just returning from a shopping trip, chronicling everything they’ve purchased; hence their “haul.” In most cases haul videos are catered more towards younger women, and are often paired with style tips or fashion insights.

For instance, via MediaPost, nearly 60% of haul videos focus on clothing, with general discounts taking up 11%, and beauty and makeup at 9%. Dome decor, groceries, toys, books and music, pet supplies, crafts and school supplies, and jewelry also share smaller percentages. But no matter if the products featured are designer wear, sneakers, vintage, or thrift shops, they often feature some of the biggest brands in a given market.

Large, popular companies named in haul videos include: 

-Dollar Tree

-Fashion Nova

-Trader Joe’s


-Forever 21


And while they may seem a bit odd, haul videos are often categorized by specific types of product and the name-checking of specific stores and retailers (like those above). So even simply being aware of haul videos and the potential of being spotlighted in an unsolicited manner can help raise your brand’s profile.

And for retail companies or brands that have a product physically found on shelves, outsourcing to an influencer or production company to create a haul video can be a fantastic way to showcase products in an organic setting.

2. Unboxing Videos

In a similar way to the popularity of haul videos, unboxing videos are also still very successful on Youtube. Unboxing usually consists of physically opening the package of a product and reviewing it in real-time. Many times the market for unboxing videos falls more into toys and tech gadgets, but they could really be adapted to any industry with the right creative ingenuity.

Big brands that have utilized an unboxing approach to marketing include: 




They have the same organic feel to a haul video, usually set up as a single-camera explainer style video. Plus the physical unboxing creates a level of trust, that there are no gimmicks or sales tricks. For brands it’s another way to physically showcase a product in a unique way that can draw more powerful engagement than traditional advertising.

3. Live Streaming

While Twitch dominates live-streaming in the ever-growing world of streaming video games, and Facebook Live and IGTV have made live video accessible to anyone with a mobile device, Youtube is still a hot-bed for live content.

Live streaming an event for youtube video trend.

2018 saw the second-most popular live stream in Youtube’s history, when the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy last February drew more than 2.3 million views. Additionally big, star-studded events like the Royal Wedding and Beyonce’s Coachella set drew some of the largest audiences ever for a live-stream on Youtube.

Granted, most brands won’t carry the same draw as the entertainment business. But that doesn’t mean live streaming can’t be factored into a brand-building effort.

Types of Content to Consider live streaming: 

-Big events for your corporation

-Panel discussions within your industry

Vlogs with a CEO or your company’s creative team

-How-tos and product demonstrations (if applicable)

Vlogs, unboxing videos and even podcasts can exist as useful and popular content for corporate communications long after they’re actually happening live. And unlike other live streaming platforms, Youtube offers a more polished feel where companies can utilize a studio set up over a front-facing mobile device camera.

4. ASMR and Relaxation Videos

ASMR or, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, refers to the euphoric feeling that comes from hearing specific sounds that triggers a tingling or static sensation from the scalp through the neck. Maybe it’s the sound of scissors cutting paper, or a can being opened; though it seems strange, and oddly specific, it offers a truly unique and new opportunity for brands to step into.

And while it’s generally been around for the last decade or so, ASMR videos are particularly in demand now. And there are big brands taking notice. ASMR video campaigns have been used by industry giants like: 


-Zippo lighters


-Michelob Ultra

For one thing, despite it seeming like an extremely niche sector of Youtube, it’s incredibly popular. The Michelob ad alone has over 14 million views and aired during the Superbowl. Ikea has its own series, one of which is over 25 minutes long and has over 2 million views.

On Youtube’s platform alone, there are multiple channels dedicated to ASMR with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. And among the dozens of ASMR videos with more than a million views, the majority aren’t from big brands or marketing campaigns. But their success shows that there’s plenty of potential for growth and profitability in ASMR videos.

An ASMR video approach is definitely not for every company, or even every industry. And it will require the right equipment to record the highest quality of audio. But if there are products or experiences associated with your brand that can be connected to a very unique sound, that’s a powerful sensory connection to make with your audience.

5. Viral Challenge Videos

It seems like every month there’s a new digital “challenge” trend sweeping social media. And they often range from the extremely silly to actually heartening and far-reaching. For instance, the ice bucket challenge, where participants poured freezing water on themselves, was utilized to help spread awareness and fundraise for ALS.

And plenty of big brands got involved. And in doing so it afforded those companies the opportunity to insert themselves into a national conversation and enter the collective internet conscience of “the moment.” 

Companies that participated included: 


-Old Spice

-Major League Baseball



And while these trends are often fleeting, they’re a chance for brands and companies to show their audience, and potential new customers, that they’re “in the know.” More often than not they’re fun, and usually require little time and overhead to produce.

Plus if it also happens to advocate for a good cause, everyone wins. 

The Wrap

So, ready to see your brand’s video soar to the top trending videos on Youtube? While trends shouldn’t necessarily dictate all of your content, being aware of what’s popular can help you fit your brand’s voice to give you the best opportunity to grow.

And once you have your master video project vision in mind, get in touch with us at Crews Control. We have over 30 years of experience and can help you shoot your project to fit with the best Youtube video trends. From first cut to the final upload to your Youtube channel, you’ll work with the best local crews that will help you execute your next video project every step of the way. Don’t wait, get your free quote today!

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