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Industry Spotlight: 4 Best Food and Beverage Marketing Videos

Posted by Ashley Brook on April 16, 2019

Industry-specific or niche branding and marketing has sky-rocketed in recent years. Given its popularity and accessibility with such a wide audience, it’s not exactly surprising. Food and beverage marketing in particular has seen a jump in the frequency and type of video content produced.

Just like any other industry, food and beverage companies are trying to leverage video content across social media platforms and an endless array of mobile devices to effectively communicate and connect with new audiences. The magic of food and beverages is that they automatically apply to all of our innate need to be nourished, gratified and experience community.  These aspects and how they are used in this specific industry can certainly translate to your industry – how do these apply to your product?

Hungry for more? From creative animation, to timely pop culture references, here are 4 effective food and beverage industry videos.

1. Blue Apron Makes Everyone a Chef

For many people, meals are an experience shared with family or friends. And since Blue Apron is a company that delivers ingredients and recipes directly to its customers, it makes sense that the focus of their messaging would be centered on the power and potential for special moments that cooking a meal in the home for loved ones can provide.

At 30 seconds, this video is relatively short, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective in its narrative. And though the video jumps between different subjects in different home environments with quick cuts, the story progresses like a recipe.

The oven turns on, ingredients are prepped, guests arrive, and finally a meal is served. The text overlays push the message that “this can happen any night of the week,” and isn’t necessarily reserved for just special occasions.

Finally there are a few small, simple emotional pulls peppered throughout. The father and daughter sharing a moment, the laughter of guests, the “mom would be proud” line. These narrative drops help to again connect the viewer to the potential of positive, regular experiences through this product.

2. Coca-Cola Animation

It can be easy to forget about the power of animation. But when large brands like Coca-Cola utilize it so effectively, during the Super Bowl no less, it’s a wonder why more companies don’t pursue a more animation-forward approach to branding and video efforts.

But what makes this particular animation spot work so well? As is the case for any motion graphics to really work well, the art needs to land. In this case, the illustrations work really well. They’re unique and don’t resemble any known characters. On top of that, you might notice that the Coca-Cola brand colors are the only colors used throughout the video.

The constant changes in character shapes as well as the shifting of unique voices with everyone line also keeps the viewer guessing. And it perfectly reflects the “different is beautiful” messaging.

Animation won’t work for every single project. But if you’re having trouble creating a video framework for a particular project, campaign, or product, think about how animation might provide a new angle of approach.

3. Whole Foods Market Masters the 15-second Spot

Shorter videos can be shared easily across pretty much any social media platform and also lends itself to be completely watched by viewers (the above clip alone has over 6 million views on YouTube!).

Whole Foods Market took the idea to an even more interesting route, using multiple short videos as part of one larger series in the “Whatever makes you whole” campaign. And the video really works in how it’s grounded in its subject.

The viewer knows the characters are in a grocery store, in a situation that could easily occur in real life. The fact that it’s relatable, and humorous, appeals to a certain emotional familiarity that creates brand trust.

The trick, and challenge in the pre-production phase, is effectively communicating everything your brand needs to say within that 15 second window.

4. Stella Artois Unites Pop Culture Favorites

The Dude abides. We’ve said it before in our Industry Spotlights, but it’s definitely true: star power will always go a long way. If your budget and brand connections allow for it, pulling in a celebrity or recognizable face for positive brand association should always be a consideration.

But, we all know that’s just not realistic for every company. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to be learned from the Stella Artois ad that sees “Sex and the City’s” Carrie Bradshaw and “The Big Lebowski’s” Dude changing up their usual cocktail orders in favor of the Belgian pilsner.

It’s not just the famous actors that work so well here, though they certainly help. The real power comes from seeing these two beloved characters interact with a product they normally wouldn’t and the brand association created through that interaction.

Recognize the power in pop culture and nostalgia. There might be an opportunity for your company to tap into something your audience already loves and unite it with your brand though a powerful visual medium like video.

Final Thoughts

When appropriate, a fresh approach, with a little subversion to your normal production, can transform the way your brand is viewed. Especially in food and beverage marketing, where the competition is seemingly endless and trends can shift quickly.

Animation, creative post production, and imaginative narratives help make the above food and beverage industry videos effective, and even entertaining. With the right approach, those tenets are attainable for any brand to execute.

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