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Pre-Production to Final Cut: Outsource Your Video Marketing Strategy

Posted by Deb Nicharot on March 13, 2019

When it comes to brand building, a sound video marketing strategy often makes a major difference. For many companies, video is the main focal point since the recent rise in the medium. But how can great content be produced at a consistent, affordable rate?

Outsourcing video production has grown into a viable option for companies to grow and enhance an otherwise absent or failing video marketing strategy. In fact 21% of companies create video content through outsourced companies compared to only 7% producing everything entirely in-house. The rest use some combination of both.

There are certainly advantages to having an in-house video production team. But that’s simply not an option for many companies. Especially when considering the many positives of outsourcing.  From pre-production to final cut, here are some of the advantages of outsourcing your video marketing strategy.


A solid video marketing strategy begins before the camera even starts rolling. An outside production company can carry out the specific task of filming your video project once production gets underway. But it’s important to consider that when you hire an outside company, you’re paying for their services for the entire production. Not just for shoot days.

production crew going over video marketing strategy

Take advantage of all the possibilities that a professional video production team has to offer. Internally, by outsourcing video, your company can look forward to not worrying about:

-Other marketing efforts suffering due to production time

-Internal staff problems, absences, or annual leaves affecting production schedules

-A lack of or inconsistent output of video content

-Video content diminishing in quality

-Staffing an internal video team

-Budgeting costs for salaries and production equipment

-A lean budget and limited staff

Simply put, using outsourced talent for your video marketing strategy cuts out the headaches and challenges that an internal staff can cause. Instead, you can ensure you’re working with professionals who won’t interfere with your company’s goals.

A Team of Experts

Have a general idea for your video marketing strategy, but lacking the experience to fully realize it? That’s where outsourcing a team of experts comes in. Utilize the vast experience a video production team has from years of working in the same industry with a variety of clients.

After all, you hired (and paid!) them for a reason. Look for input and suggestions throughout the creative process. Brainstorming sessions, script writing, creating and implementing your marketing strategy, and ensuring all videos fall under your brand guidelines are all duties an outsourced video production can and should be able to handle.

Gain New Insight

You know your business better than anyone. Working in a specific industry, spending every single day building a brand, and watching it grow gives you perspective that few others have.

But if you’re not careful, it can also be a detriment. Especially if the same eyes are analyzing the same problems day in and day out. Bringing in an outside creative team can not only help provide a new spark to some of your operations, but a brand new perspective to your approach.

Always welcome fresh eyes to any project. Opening up your video marketing strategy to the right outsourced production team could lead to growth you never imagined!

During Production

Obviously once production actually gets underway, the advantages of having experienced professionals at your disposal should be clear. Production companies that have worked in video long enough should be able to provide: 

-The best cameras

-The right production equipment for the right situation (sound, lighting, etc.)

On-location recommendations

-Experience working with actors/speakers

Basically, everything that goes into video production should be covered by an outsourced company. Which means on the day of the first “Action!” you should be able to comfortably put your feet up and know your project is in good hands.

Relax and Give Up Control

Additionally, an experienced crew will be able to handle any problems that may arise such as technical difficulties and scheduling delays. Outsourcing may lack the direct control some business leaders would want, but avoiding disruptive headaches will always be a plus.

Using an internal production manager or director can also help you maintain some level of control. Plus it helps ensure an internal influence remains steady on a given project. However, trusting an outsourced company is key to a project’s success.

video marketing strategy crew holding camera

Keep in mind that a production company is not held back by any corporate politics. The right crew should be able to balance modern strategies to get the results you need while maintaining your corporate brand identity. After all, that is why you chose them.

Stay Flexible, Don’t Stress Deadlines

Outsourcing your video marketing strategy gives you more flexibility. There are many different creative and production teams out there that each offer different skills and expertise. You don’t have to stick to just one of those teams, unless you want to.  Since its most likely a single-project contract, you can simply book someone else with another focus of expertise for your next project.

Plus, you can count on an outsourced video production company to meet all of your deadlines. Especially since they should be outlined in the initial contract prior to production going underway. Professionals know they won’t get paid until the job is done and the client is pleased. Which means your important deadlines are their important deadlines, too.

Post Production

Your project doesn’t end when the lights finally dim and the final scenes are shot. The best production companies will help you carry out your strategy all the way through to the first viewer. Even if you handle filming internally, you can still outsource for post production needs like: 

-General video editing

Animation and motion graphics

-Implementing across other digital marketing efforts and social channels

Hiring an outside video production company guarantees a return on investment. You can expect to get a quality video as a final product for you to implement as part of your larger, overarching digital marketing strategy. You may even consider utilizing an external agency for those needs as well.

Additionally, working long enough with experienced, successful video production companies can give you some professional insight as well. You and your company will gain working knowledge of the latest trends and production techniques. More experience will lead to better ideas in the future.

Overhead Stays Low While You Grow

At the end of the day, trusting your video marketing strategy to an outside entity can only lead to more growth. You can keep some of the messier side of digital marketing independent from the other important parts of your company, while still retaining all of the benefits of a sound marketing plan.

Plus it’s generally more affordable than worrying about an in-house team. By outsourcing video, you not only save more money in the long term, but you also afford yourself the opportunity to solely focus on making the other parts of your business better.

You just need to find the right company. Look no further than Crews Control. We’ll connect you with the right production team for your project, no matter where you’re located. If you’re ready to take your video marketing strategy to the next level, reach out today for your free quote. From pre-production to final cut, with Crews Control you’ll always have the best crew for your company’s vision.


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