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Industry Spotlight: 5 Effective Financial Industry Videos

Posted by Valerie Nolan on March 5, 2019

Recent years have brought a video revolution when it comes to industry-specific branding and marketing. It’s not exactly surprising as the medium continues to position itself as the most popular and easiest way to communicate with the largest number of people. Add in social media platforms and an endless array of mobile devices for viewing, and investing more in quality video just makes sense.

Just like any other industry, companies in the financial industry can and should leverage video content to effectively tell their story, build their brand, and draw in more customers. From key financial advice, to powerful personal anecdotes, here are 5 effective financial industry videos.

1. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan is one of the most successful investment banks in the nation. Much of their video content reflects that kind of success by using big, celebrity endorsers or covering more high-level investment concepts. However, this video helps announce the launch of a new engagement campaign for the company called “National Savings Week.”

It’s effective in its reach by addressing a problem that a large number of families struggle with: managing their savings to be prepared for an unexpected expense or to strive towards a financial goal. The video is only two minutes long, but it covers a lot of ground in terms of the statistics and figures communicated.

So the video has a real purpose for existing and it wisely uses a combination of single-camera takes of an authoritative figure speaking, animation and motion graphics, as well as still images. And the quick shifts help pace the video and keep it fresh. It’s a simple, uncomplicated approach to producing a video that’s useful to almost anyone.

2. SoFi

SoFi, or Social Finance, Inc., is an online personal finance company that provides student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans. Much of their branding takes on a youthful approach, appealing to hundreds of young professionals and college grads struggling with student loan and personal debt while striving to build a better future.

That youthful approach often comes through in bright brand colors and themes of fun and freedom. However, the video above (and the accompanied campaign) undercuts some of that lighthearted tone, in a really powerful way. The series, called “Strangers Talking Money,” is framed exactly how it sounds: two random strangers are put in the same room and share their stories of debt and eventual triumph through achievable refinancing options.

There are a few things to think about with this video series. It works really well because these are “real” people, not actors. And it’s also important to note that a shift in perspective happens because they never address the camera. All of the dialogue happens between the two people sitting together, making the viewer feel like they’re just observing a conversation.

The light piano background music, shift in angles at serious points, and use of black and white, help this video series achieve a cinematic tone. But it also drives home a point of authenticity. Which is that SoFi (or your company) genuinely cares about its customers and their financial well-being.

3. Chase

This video from Chase and “The Places in Between” series is a slight departure from the two previous videos on this list. For one, it’s much, much shorter. At only 30 seconds long, it’s at least a quarter of the length of the previous examples, making it ideal for a social media timeline ad or quick tv spot.

The messaging is simple: if you’re off adventuring somewhere spending money, you should be able to reap the benefits of a credit reward. And since it’s a series about adventuring, the shots are very stylish. If it’s within budget, having the ability to travel (in this case to Seattle) and shoot in exclusive locations and set pieces will always add value and staying power with any finished video.

But what really makes it work is the post-production. The editing, particularly the split scenes at the 0:15 mark, give it a really fun, fast-paced feeling. Combined with the cool bass line, the whole video plays a lot like an Ocean’s movie. You may not be able to cast George Clooney or Sandra Bullock for your commercial, but that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow ideas from Hollywood.

4. Mint

Sometimes, the best way to showcase what your brand does best is to simply demonstrate it in action. So it stands to reason that if you want someone to try a personal finance app, it might be beneficial to do a general walkthrough of the app on an actual device. Which is exactly what Mint does here.

Much like an unboxing video, this one-minute demonstration literally shows the app running on a mobile device. Moving text and some light voice-over help move it along and give a full explanation. But one of the more interesting, subtle choices in this video that stands out happens about halfway through.

The “phone” shifts from the left side of the screen to the right. This is significant in that it completely flips the framing. It’s not enough of a change to take the viewer out of the experience, but might be enough to hold their interest and keep the action fresh. Sometimes it’s the small, subtle choices that can make all the difference in video.

5. Square

In another approach that uses “real” people over actors, this video from Square uses some of the best elements of all the previous videos while taking on a few other important techniques. For one, it takes on the tone of a documentary. The combination of interviews, voice over, great b-roll, and text help achieve this feel in storytelling.

It also addresses real, modern issues facing female and minority employees and business owners in any industry. Square is a somewhat newer company in the financial industry, founded only a decade ago. Its services are modern, mostly web and app-based for merchants and mobile payment.

Engaging with modern issues and giving real people the platform to tell their stories is a powerful means of brand-building. It portrays the company in a genuine way. The video helps achieve this effect by not specifically selling anything. Instead it shares specific individual stories and statistics while positioning itself as an uplifting inspiration.

The Takeaway

Not every video campaign needs to inspire change or tackle modern social issues. But every video should achieve some level of storytelling and exist for a purpose, no matter what your industry is. For financial industry videos, that doesn’t always mean getting into exact specifics that can confuse and intimidate viewers.

Instead, it’s often connecting on a personal level. The use of relatable anecdotes and situations, easy to follow statistics, concepts, and user experience, as well as stylish, precise editing and production help make the above financial industry videos powerful and effective.

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